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A detailed Viral Launch Review to understand more about Viral Launch

As a best and effective product launch and marketing service platform for all the Amazon sellers, Viral Launch has gained a lot of popularity among the sellers. It has been helping sellers to grow and bloom their business and brand. The main purpose of the Viral Launch software is to effectively optimize the product listings so that sellers can enjoy the utmostprofit.

The software dramatically saves time and money by providing fasts and accurate data. All the features of the software are just amazing. It has a lot of amazing tools such as Keyword tool, product research, market Intel and much more.

The outstanding features of Viral Launch

If you look at the features of Viral Launch, it has a lot of unique features which greatly help in product launching. When a new product launches in the market it is very important to analyze the product line, implement discounted promotional offers and detect spot relevant and effective keyword to attract customer or buyers. Here are some important features that Viral Launch that you can use to boost your profits.

  1. Product discovery

For the new sellers, it is quite difficult and time taking to find out the right products to sell on Amazon. When you have better quality estimates and researches, you can enjoy better sells for the products. Viral launch software includes useful features like filters and searches which help in discovering products which can be easily sold on Amazon.

When you employ the desired filters, you will immediately get a list of brands, products, categories, and keywords which will match with the business goals. If you want more detailed information, you can use the advanced filters. The features work very fast, and you will get information in one place.

  1. Effective market intelligence

Its Viral Launch’s Market intelligence feature assists sellers to learn and understand the sales potential and success rates of the products. Its advanced and unique algorithm can effectively categorize and analyze profitable markets. It also offers you information about sales, market competition and Returns on Investment of the particular product.

This feature uses a five-point scale validation based on the previous sale data. It offers accurate sales estimates. It has a built-incalculator which can calculate cost and profits. Under the market trend analysis, it evaluates the growth, decrease and seasonal sales of the products. It comes with sales estimation which uses the BSR- Amazon Best Seller Rank to provide a detailed report.


  1. Efficient keyword research

For most of the sellers, the keyword research feature of Viral Launch has become the most precise and effective tools. Want to boost your ranking, sales, and conversion? Well, this feature will be best for you. Talking about the process, it detects and ranks every keyword based on the relevance factor. Its RML- Reverse Market Lookup features scan all the competitors for a particular product line. If you have the highest quality keyword, then your products will enjoy better exposures. 4. Listing Analyzer

The listing analyzer feature carries out a comprehensive SWOT analysis. It helps you to know about your product’s competitiveness in the market. It will offer you instant result so that you can make the necessary changes to boost the sales.


Now let’s have a look into the services offered by Viral Launch

Apart from the useful features, the sellers can also enjoy its free unique services to make their Amazon business profitable. Here the services that you can enjoy:

  1. Amazon seller coaching

No matter what kind of task you are doing, professionalguidance always helps you to achieve the bestresult. Like this, using Viral Launch software one can easily avail assistancefrom the professional Amazon coach for a successful launch.

  1. Amazon products photography

A high-quality and clear photo of products can easily impress or attract customers. Besides, goodquality photographs also boost brandidentity. The software helps to develop such photographs which can turn the visitor into buyers.

  1. Amazon listing optimization

It has a highly experienced copywriterwho can place the keyword effectively to help your brand’s ranking in search results.


Viral Launch Chrome Extension

If you are an Amazon seller, then you must use Viral Launch chrome extension which offers you a faster and effective way to product research and validation. If your requirements are doe in-depth market research data, this will help you out. Using the chrome extension tool, you can easily view the previous and current market trends, monthly sales, revenue and number of sales and much more.

You don’t need to have the tech savvy to use the tool. It is quite easy to install. All you need to do is open your chrome browser, search for Viral Launch chrome extension and install it. Now open Amazon and sign up to activate your Market Intelligence subscription. It’s time to say goodbye to the days where people were making a decision based on inaccurate data.

It not only shows you the organized data, butit also helps you to know your product idea score. What are you waiting for now! Want to boost your sales on Amazon? Install Viral Launch now.

Pros and cons of Viral Launch

Pros of Viral Launch

  • Offers a lot of unique and effective features such as product discovery, market intelligence, keyword research, listing analysis and much more.
  • It also has a lot of helpful services like Amazon seller coaching, product photography and listing optimization.
  • Its chrome extension is very easy to use and offer accurate information about the market.
  • It regularly monitors Amazon and providesyou updatedabout changes.
  • Those who want an accuratemarket intelligence report can trust on Viral Launch.
  • Help Amazon sellers to successfully launch the products.

Cons of Viral Launch

  • The beginner package includes only three features.

If you see, its intermediate or advanced package will be quite helpful for all as it offers two major features like Product Discovery and market intelligence.

Viral Launch vs Jungle Scout

Therearelots of questions regarding which tool is better whether it is Jungle Scout or Viral Launch. However, when it comes to choosingthe best, don’t make your decision based on biased opinions. Here are some unbiased opinions which can help you to choose the best one based on your requirements.

Before starting, here are some features that both the software has:

  • Sales estimate.
  • Market analysis.
  • Analysis of the previous market result.
  • Competitor and product tracking.
  • Keyword research tool.

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of both viral Launch and Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout


  • The software is now available for ten countries, and it has added more countries with time. More countries mean you can easily sell your products in the international market.
  • Its Keyword research tools include all plans even on the lowest level plan.
  • Jungle Scout offers you a feature called opportunity score through which you can know the available opportunities and its effectiveness for a particular product.
  • It comes with an active community runs by Greg Mercer, CEO of Jungle Scout to help sellers to boost the sales.


  • The major demerit of Jungle Scout is it only support product research.

Viral Launch


  • The software comes with product discovery tool which has more advanced and modern features. Using a lot of filters, you can easily find out the next products.
  • The software monitors and updates you about the changes in review percentage.
  • Accurate market intelligence report and statistics.
  • It is one of the best software which assists the sellers to launch their products successfully at Amazon.


  • Those who have lower plans, can’t use the keyword research options.

If you are ready to invest money and want fast result, Viral Launch can be the perfect tool for you. However, sometimes it will be better to test the tools to know whether they can do math with your requirement. As till now, you have a clear idea about the two major tools; it’s up to you to choose. If you want a better result, it will be not the wrong decision to try out both the tools. The Jungle Scout also comes with a 14-day money back guarantee. If it is not right for you, choose Viral Launch.

Viral Launch Pricing & Free Trial

Talking about the free trial, it offers a free trial so that the sellers can try out the tool. For this, you will have to create a free account. Remember that the free trial one valid for five searches. The free searches will not expire, but once used, they can’t be replenished.

Coming to its pricing, its product discovery beginner package comes for $59/month which includes two features, i.e., pinned idea s and product search. The cost of its pro seller package is $99 per month. Its advance package called a brand builder will cost you $149 per month. The data hunter package which includes all the features costs $399 per month. However, if you buy annual packages, you can enjoy two months of free services.


If you closely analyze the tool, you will find that Viral Launch is the most effective and a complete tool one can find in the market to boost the product sales on Amazon. You can find a cheaper tool, but the features offered by Viral Launch are unique and very useful. Finding a product based on the competition and developing an optimized listing is something that every seller wants. So give it a try now.

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