Surfshark VPN Review

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Virtual private networks(VPN) are one of the coolest things invented in the digital world. They allow you to surf the web without any staring or data leaking. And, being able to search the internet without website cookies and other data collection is a true blessing. It’s because it gives you the privacy you’ve wanted and complete autonomy over searching the internet.

There are many VPN providers on the market. None of them is equal but has its own features. Some of them are free, some paid, and some come with free trials. Also, some are available as software and some are web-based, which may associate with them being more or less difficult to use.

While having a variety of products on your hand is great, it also makes the choice more difficult. It’s because you need to spend time looking at the features of each product. Then, comes the comparing of various products. And, then, the decision.

Having in mind this can be pretty difficult for you, we have done all the hard work and have chosen one of the best and most recommended VPN providers – Surfshark. Here’s our honest review.

Surfshark VPN Review

Surfshark claims to be the best all-round VPN provider that allows you to stay safe while using public WiFi. Well, it turns out to live up to its promise. It’s a well-rounded VPN service that can do lots of things, including torrenting, data security, private browsing, as well as Dark Web browsing.


Security is the most important thing when it comes to choosing a VPN provider. You can rest assured you are safe when using Surfshark because it offers multiple high-end security features. As tests have shown, it doesn’t leak DNS requests and IPv6 addresses. In fact, it masks your IP address for increased security.

To ensure no data leaks while using public WiFies, Surfshark uses 256-bit encryption. In that way, it doesn’t let anyone see your personal data and activity. Its automatic kill switch disconnects your internet if your VPN connection gets down or disrupted and automatically reconnects it when the VPN connection re-establishes. Moreover, its HackLock feature monitors your email and passwords for security breaches.

For even greater encryption, Surfshark has a rare Multihop feature which routes your traffic through two servers. There’s also the Whitelister feature which routes websites or app traffic outside the VPN tunnel.


The second most important aspect, right after security is privacy. You’d happy to know that you can search the web privately with Surfshark due to the BlindSearch feature which doesn’t record or track your search history. Also, you can enjoy your VPN even if you are living in a country that restricts VPNs with the camouflage mode. However, this feature is only available on Windows, iOS, and Android. Moreover, with the NoBorders Mode, you can get online even in the most heavily-censored countries like China.

In addition, Surfshark doesn’t log your IP address, network traffic, browsing history, bandwidth used, nor connection timestamps. However, it collects some data, including account information and billing history. Also, it receives third-party advertising IDs, such as from Google Play. You can reset these identifiers yourself.

To maximize your privacy, Surfshark has an inbuilt Ad Blocker called CleanWeb.This tool blocks all ads, trackers, and malware. It even blocks YouTube midroll ads.


We take speed very seriously as it’s one of the things we look for in internet providers. It’s especially important when watching movies or videos online or downloading content over torrents. With Surfshark you don’t have to worry about that. With over 1000 servers in 63 countries and optical static IP addresses, it allows for a fast and reliable connection with a minor speed decline of around 27%.


Another thing that people are most interested in is torrenting. If you are one of those, you’d thrilled to know that Surfshark is great for torrenting. It’s reliable, secure, and fast as all of its servers allow P2P sharing, with many of them are optimized for fast torrenting. It’s compatible with BitTorrent, uTorrent, as well as players such as VLC, Popcorn Time, and Ace Player.


Compared to other VPN providers, Surfshark is pretty expensive and falls into the group of high-end VPN providers, such as NordVPN. It has three subscription plans with $11.95 per month, $71.88 per year, and $47.76 per two years.

Although pricey, Surfshark offers great value for the money. It has great country coverage and lots of servers. Also, it allows for an unlimited number of devices on one account unlike the other VPN providers, which allow up to 5 connections at the same time.

Availability and Ease of Use

Surfshark is available in 63 countries across the globe. Unlike most VPNs, it provides great coverage in South America and Africa. It also has servers in Russia, China, Turkey, and Vietnam. You can use it on your computer and mobile devices as it’s available on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

When it comes to ease of use, Surfshark has a fresh and intuitive, user-friendly interface. This makes it very convenient to use.


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Does Surfshark Work with Netflix?

Now, here’s great news for all Netflix addicts – Surfshark works with Netflix. Hooray! Even if it’s blocked in your region (country), it can unblock it.

In fact, not only it works with Netflix but it’s one of the best VPN providers for streaming. Thanks to its high-speed servers, Surfshark can stream in HD even when connected to an international server. For even smoother streaming experience, you can use the CleanWeb adblocker.

Apart from Netflix, Surfshark can also unblock other streaming services, including HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video, BBC Player, and Hulu.

Surfshark vs NordVPN?

Surfshark has a similar price to that of NordVPN. So the question arises – is Surfshark the same or better than NordVPN?

If we take into consideration that Surfshark is worth the price and offers numerous features, we can say it’s one of the best VPN providers on the market. In fact, it’s not just the same with NordVPN but better than it. Here’s why.


When it comes to security, Surfshark offers better security and instant connectivity on all platforms. It incorporates a bit more VPN protocols compared to NordVPN, including L2TP, IPSec, IKEv2, Shadowsocks, and OpenVPN protocols. Also, it doesn’t store logs as verified and audited by Cure53

Moreover, Surfshark has become a more secure option after the recent scandal of NordVPN being hacked. Although it’s an established provider on the market, NordVPN lost its reputation and credibility.


The speed is undoubtedly one of the most important features of VPN providers. With a 27% speed loss compared to 32% Surfshark outcomes NordVPN in this category as well. Although the difference may seem slight, the difference in streaming quality is noticeable.


In terms of features, both providers offer tons of them. However, Surfshark offers some unique and incredibly helpful features, such as Hacklock, NoBorders Search, Blindsearch, TrustDNS, and Shadowsocks. It also offers split tunneling with its Multihop feature, which sends your traffic through two different VPN servers and adds an additional layer of security. In that way, it maximizes your online privacy.


China seems to be one of the most targeted countries for VPNs as it has lots of restrictions in terms of internet and online services. So, we can’t miss this aspect when comparing two providers.

Although both providers can be used in China, they don’t offer the same convenience nor have the same results. While NordVPN has a redirection site for users from China, the service doesn’t respond sometimes. Hence, they aren’t able to access anything for long periods of time. On the other hand, Surfshark is more responsive and powerful. It has no major issues connecting to China and its servers can unblock many websites and services there as it bypasses the Great Firewall.

User Experience

It may seem that Surfshark and NordVPN are equal when it comes to their interface and user experience. However, they aren’t as the first one is compatible with most platforms and more user-friendly than the second one.

Additionally, Surfshark’s customer support is much better than that of NordVPN. While the response time isn’t very different, although Surshark chat support is a bit faster, the difference is in the way they communicate. As it is, Surfshark support handles all queries in detail and look for all possible solutions to help users. On the other hand, NordVPN support is cold in their responses and don’t try hard to help users with their issues.


Surfshark outcomes NordVPN in the price. Starting with as low as $1.94 per month, Surfshark is cheaper than NordVPN’s $3.49 per month. Also, there’s the allowed number of devices per license. NordVPN here can’t compete with its 6 devices when Surfshark allows for an unlimited number of connections at once.

Surfshark Free Trial?

Surfshark, as already mentioned, is a paid VPN provider with three subscription plans. As with all paid services, users expect to get a limited free version or trial. Unlike some providers, Surfshark doesn’t have any type of free version (limited or freemium). However, it offers a 7-day free trial for mobile users. In order to activate the free trial, users have to download the app from Google Play or Apple App Store.


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