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It’s no secret that to succeed in dropshipping one must find and sell the best-selling and trending products. To do that, the dropshipper should either research on their own and pick the best products and products with the highest potential to become best-sellers or choose a product research tool that will do all that automatically. Although the second option requires investing some money, it saves you days and even weeks of manual work.

ShopInspect is one of the popular product research tools. As the name suggests itself, this tool inspects products to find best-sellers and hot products. But, it does much more than that thanks to the use of AI and Machine Learning.

ShopInspect Review

ShopInspect is a web-based tool that searches the internet based on the keywords you type. It’s easy to use and helps you find whatever you are looking for in no time. You can use it to search for specific products or shops (competitors). When it finds all products or shops related to your keywords, it will generate and provide you with a report.

What makes this product research tool different from other similar tools is that it uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide you with the best results fast.

Apart from being based on this cutting-edge technology, ShopInspect is also so successful because it comes with some impressive features. So, let’s take a look at them!

ShopInspect Features

Easy to Use with User-Friendly Interface and Navigation

The first thing you’ll notice after signing in to your ShopInspect account is the dashboard. It’s simple and easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. The whole app is designed to be user-friendly. It has all the tools organized in a vertical menu placed on the left side of the screen. In that way, it makes them easy to access and the whole app easy to navigate.

Hot Trending Products

These are the products that have a high potential of becoming viral and best-selling soon. They usually have the highest factory orders and a percentage of increase in sales. And, that’s exactly what you need because selling products that are already viral mans great competition, i.e. lower chance of selling the product(s). On the other hand, selling products that are still not the rage means less competition, hence, a higher chance of selling the product(s).

There are also advanced filters you can set to search for products. They include the following sections:

  • Facebook Interest
  • Demographics
  • Include This Word (keyword)
  • Minimum and Maximum Cost Price
  • Minimum and Maximum Selling Price

My Favorites

This feature allows you to save your favorite products for easier access in the future. Once saved, you don’t have to search for them again via product/shop search but find them in this section.

My Videos

With ShopInspect, you can create your own videos or choose from the free or premium videos available and customize them for your needs and campaigns. You know how important is to have a video accompanying your product(s) since they bring the products closer to the audience (viewers). Therefore, this feature boosts your potential sales and helps you build a strong and reliable brand.


As the name suggests itself, this tool allows users to search for ads by entering a brand, keyword, or a competitor’s website. It shows you the ads that have worked on Facebook and Instagram along with their engagement and target audience.

You can also perform an advanced search by including the following data:

  • Site Type
  • Media Type
  • Gender
  • Countries
  • Ages
  • Daily Likes
  • Total Likes
  • Created Between (which dates)

Product Search

Forget the manual product search as ShopInspect does that for you. All you have to do to find the best-selling items and potentially viral products is to access the Shopify Products section from the menu and write the keywords you’d like to search for. Then, leave it all to the tool – it will find all products related to those keywords and will show them to you in a form of a report.

Shop Search

This tool is just like the previous one but, instead of searching for products, you search for stores. Again, all you have to do is access the Shopify Shop Search section from the menu and write some keywords. Then, let the tool find all stores related to it either by name or by selling products containing those keywords.

Top Shopify Stores

This tool shows you the best-performing shops on Shopify. Due to having a lot of traffic, you can visit the sites and see what they are doing to be successful and copy their techniques for your store.

Trending Shopify Stores

In this section, you’ll find the hottest stores on Shopify. These stores are new and on the rise, so you can copy their strategies to scale up your business.

Predict Your Sales

This feature shows the estimated sales per product of a particular store. You can use this information to decide if that product or similar ones will bring you sales and money or aren’t worth selling them in your store.

Smart Score

The Smart Score feature shows you the search volume per product and how many stores sell it. To have a higher chance of selling a product, you should look for the one that is often searched for but there’s not much competition. Such a product has a high smart score. Hence, the higher the smart score of a product is, the better choice it is.

Interest Over Time

This feature is represented as a line graph and shows the search volume per a particular keyword. It’s represented by a 1-100 rating, with 1 being the lowest and 100 the highest search volume.

This is closely related to the Smart Score since it shows you how many people were and are looking for that product. And, you want a product that has a high search volume because it means that it has a high selling potential.

Word Cloud

And, the last feature of ShopInspect is a list of words that are related to the keywords you use to search for products. By knowing all associated keywords, you can expand your search until you find winning products.

ShopInspect Learning

Although not actually a feature, we placed it here because it’s part of the app. In ShopInspect Learning you’ll find training videos on how to make the most use of this product research tool and succeed in dropshipping. As displayed on their site, “78% of marketers who watch the ShopInspect learning videos make more profit.”

ShopInspect Pricing

ShopInspect has  2 pricing plans:

  • Standard – $39/month paid monthly; $16/month paid annually.
  • Legendary – $47/month paid monthly; $19/month paid annually.

Both plans don’t require any contract and you can cancel at any time if you aren’t satisfied with the app. What differs them is that the Standard plan doesn’t have the AdInspect feature and is limited to 10 searches per day per each search section (hot products, Shopify products/stores, top Shopify stores, etc.). On the other hand, the Legendary plan comes with 250 searches per day per each search section, including the AdInspect. And, if you pay annually, the difference between the two of them is only $3, which is too good to miss the chance of practically unlimited searches per day.

ShopInspect Free Trial?

Yes, ShopInspect offers a 7-day free trial to anyone interested in trying out the product before paying for it. With it, you get all features of the plan you choose. To get the free trial, you must leave billing information and credit card details. However, your card won’t be charged until the date your free trial ends (after a week).

ShopInspect Discount Coupon

ShopInspect Alternatives

ShopInspect vs Ecomhunt

Ecomhunt is a quite popular product research tool similar to ShipInspect. Although they are similar in their purpose, they share only two features.

The first one is that they both integrate with Shopify by using Oberlo for easy importing of the products. However, the process of product importing with ShopInspect is a bit more complex because, first, you need to go to the Favorites section and download the products as a CSV file. Then, upload the file to your Shopify account. Due to this difference, we need to say that the process is simpler with Ecomhunt.

The second similar feature is the Smart Score/Saturation Inspector. Smart Score belongs to ShopInspect while the Saturation inspector to Ecomhunt. Hence, it’s the same feature, with the same purpose, but carrying a different name.

Apart from these two features, ShopInspect and Ecomhunt differ in everything else. Let’s take a look at them briefly.

  • User Interface – ShopInspect leads here because it has a really user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. On the other hand, Ecomhunt has a very basic interface, no classical dashboard, which makes it a bit dull and inconvenient to use.
  • Hot Products – Although both tools find and show hot products, they differ in the way they offer the service. Namely, ShopInspect looks for hot products by analyzing only Shopify stores whereas Ecomhunt analyzes the entire AliExpress. That’s why Ecomhunt is the winner in this section.
  • Filter Options – Ecomhunt is the winner here again because it offers plenty of filter options, including categories, offer-type, shipping, retail price, funnel products, etc. On the other hand, ShopInspect offers only two filters, searching by category and by keywords.
  • AdInspect and AdHunter – Both of these tools have the same goal of spying on your competitors’ ads and finding the best-performing ones for your niche. However, they operate differently. AdInspect allows you to find the best-performing Facebook and Instagram ads by using their keywords or brand. It also includes ad engagement and the target audience. On the other hand, AdHunter allows you to find only the best-performing Facebook ads, not those on Instagram. Also, AdHunter is a Chrome extension, not a built-in tool like AdInspect.
  • Facebook Ads Targeting – While both tools offer this feature, they don’t show the same information. Namely, Ecomhunt offers you most of the information you need, such as the interests and demographics of your target audience. On the other, ShopInspect doesn’t offer as detailed information as Ecomhunt but shows you only the gender of the people who buy products like the one(s) you sell.
  • Instagram Influencer – Ecomhunt is the definite winner here because ShopInsepct doesn’t have this tool.
  • Video Creator – Ecomhunt doesn’t have this feature. It does offer a YouTube video for the products, but you can’t create your own product video like with ShopInspect’s built-in video creator tool.
  • Shopify Shop Search – Without delay, ShopInspect is the clear winner here because Ecomhunt doesn’t have this feature. With it, you can search for top-selling Shopify stores and see their monthly traffic and sales. You can also see the best-selling products of other stores.
    ShopInspect allows you to search for the best-selling stores on Shopify.
  • Facebook Community – Although not the kind of feature as the ones above, having a Facebook group where you can share and learn from other dropshippers and e-commerce sellers is a great advantage. You can help and ask for help whenever you face a problem. In this aspect, Ecomhunt wins because ShopInspect lacks this feature.

What About Their Pricing?

Well, these product research tools definitely differ in their price. We can’t judge which one is the winner here because they offer different features for their pricing plans. If you pay annually for ShopInspect, then, it’s slightly cheaper than Ecomhunt which (at the moment of writing) costs $20/month/ However, if you pay monthly for ShopInspect, then Ecomhunt is way cheaper.

In addition, Ecomhunt offers a FREE plan with limited features which makes it perfect for beginners or those who want to try it out. Although limited, it’s a free forever plan, unlike the 7-day free trial ShopInspect offers. So, we could say that Ecomhunt wins in this aspect.

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