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If you’ve ever dreamed about having your own store, now is your chance. You can easily turn your dream into reality even if you don’t have a big budget thanks to dropshipping. This e-commerce model allows you to open a store without actually buying the products you want to sell. Instead, you pay when you order them after customers buy that product from your store. It’s undoubtedly the best method to start a business without much money.

If you plan using dropshipping as a method for your business, you need to find the right platform and product research tool. While you don’t have to bother much about the platform as dropshippers usually use Shopify or integrate WooCommerce on their website, you definitely need to think well about which tool you will use.

What makes product research tools so important is that they find the products you want to sell. In fact, they claim to find winning products for you. And, that’s exactly what you need if you want to win the game and make your business a successful one.

Although there are plenty of dropshipping tools on the market, in this article we look at Pexda. It’s one of the best-known tools and used by many dropshippers. So, let’s take a closer look at it.

Pexda Review

Pexda promises to help you find winning products and top-performing ads. But how much of this is true?

All product research tools claim to help you find the best-selling products on the market but not all of them stand by their promise. As far as Pexda is concerned, it does keep its promise due to using data-driven product research.


Winning Products

Pexda does all the hard work for you. It hunts best-selling products and the team behind the tool manually add the best winning products every day. In that way, they make sure you find products you will be able to sell with fewer ad expenses and maximize your profit. You can find these products with only a few clicks.

Proven Facebook Ad Copy

This is a great and helpful feature for all dropshippers, especially the beginners. Pexda provides a Facebook ad copy from successful ads to serve as your inspiration.

Hot Products

This feature helps you find products that will most probably become best-sellers but aren’t one yet. With that, it gives you an advantage over your competitors as you will be the first/second/third selling that product before it goes viral. And, do you know what that means? It means your store will be one of the first ones customers will visit when looking for that particular product.

Facebook Audience Targeting

It’s the feature every beginner in e-commerce needs and wants to have. Having in mind that most novices in dropshipping or another type of e-commerce have never done social media marketing before, a tool that does that for you is priceless. But, Pexda does more than simply showing you the target audience. It shows you the audience that best converts for each product.


This incredible feature from the app provides you with the tools you need to hunt the best ads automatically. You don’t have to do anything.

Amazing Support

With Pexda you get more than a product research tool. You get a whole team working for you, helping you whenever you need it. You can ask for the support team to create an Ad Copy, a video for an ad, or find an Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress supplier. All that with a single click.

Pexda vs Ecomhunt

Now that we’ve looked at Pexda’s features, we can compare it to the tool that is most similar to – Ecomhunt. We’ll take a look at several points and point out the similarities and differences between these two tools.

Ease of Use

Both, Pexda and Ecomhunt, have an interesting, user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, even by beginners. They organize their products in categories and subcategories to make sure users find them as easy and as fast as possible. Plus, they allow sorting the products, which makes finding a product you need a breeze.

They work almost the same. When you find a product you want to sell/promote, you simply click on it and get all the data you need. From profit to ad copy, to details about the product – you can find all details related to the product you are interested in.

Product Data, Analysis, and Reports

Both, Pexda and Econhunt, provide users with detailed data per each product listed. Pexda includes:

  • Profit
  • Facebook targeting suggestion
  • Ad insight for products
  • Amazon report
  • AliExpress report, etc.

Similarly, Ecomhunt incudes:

  • Facebook reports (engagement)
  • Facebook audience targeting
  • Video explanation
  • Competitors’ store analysis, etc.

As you can see, both tools provide you with the data you need to choose the best of the best. In that way, they help you succeed in your business.

Product Categorization

Here’s a feature that differs Pexda from Ecomhunt. Namely, this tool organizes all its products into categories and subcategories. Some of the categories Pexda includes are toys, animals, family, beauty and health, hobbies, home and garden, sports, and holidays.

Ecomhunt doesn’t have these features, which makes it a bit hard to find products within a specific category/niche. Instead, it just lists all the products available and you have to look through all of them to find the one(s) you need.

Ad Insights

This is yet another feature that is unique to Pexda. With Ad Insights you get access to all the add copyrights of each product. There are also photos and videos with text copies.

Pexda Chrome Extension

Apart from the web-based tool, Pexda also offers a free Chrome Extension. This app allows you to auto hunt sponsored Facebook ads and make money without looking for them. Moreover, you can keep track of the most popular, viral Facebook ads and use a template for your products to perform better.

This is actually another common feature of Pexda and Econhunt as Ecomhunt, too, has a Chrome extension called AdHunter. This app allows you to monitor and keep track of the Facebook ads of your competitors. It also shows you sponsored ads and allows you to check their performance.

Pexda Pricing

Pexda has 3 pricing plans:

  • Standard – $14.95/month
  • Premium – $24.95/month
  • Ultimate – $99.95/month

The first two plans offer users with the basic features of the tool. The difference is that the Standard plan has a 3-day delay on new winning products while the Premium doesn’t. The Ultimate plan comes with all the basic features plus access to special products.

Unlike Pexda, Ecomhunt offers 2 pricing plans:

  • Free – $0/month – This plan comes with a limited number of products per day and limited product data. You can save only 5 products and there is a 3-day delay on new products.
  • Pro – $29/month – With this plan, you get access to all Ecomhunt’s features.

Pexda Free Trial

Pexda doesn’t offer a free trial and that is its biggest drawback. However, it does offer a paid trial of $1.95/14 days. Although not free, the price for the trial is acceptable and affordable.

Pexda Discout Coupon Code 2020

Pexda Alternatives

Pexda vs Ecomhunt

While Pexda has the two previously-mentioned features Ecomhunt doesn’t, there are two other features that Pexda lacks and Ecomhunt has. Those are:

  • Instagram Influencing – provides users with the tools they need to promote their products on Instagram.
  • Facebook Community – allows users to communicate with other Ecomhunt users, share their ideas and experiences, and get updates on the latest hot and trending products.

Pexda vs Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy is a very popular dropshipping tool. If we compare Pexda and Dropship Spy, we can say that are similar in their interface due to having a minimalistic and user-friendly design. Also, they are similar in that both of them offer Facebook Targeting, and provide you with Facebook Ads insights. But, they also differ one from another.

One of the differences between these tools is that although both of them find winning products for you, Pexda allows you to find hot products – products that will probably become “winning” in near future – before they go viral. In that way, it allows you to be among the first stores that sell the product, which leads to more sales compared to your competitors.

Another difference is that Pexda allows you to sort the Facebook Ads according to date, number of likes, and similar.

Also, there’s the fact that Pexda has a Chrome extension and Dropship Spy doesn’t. With this, Pexda allows you to automatically find winning products and ads without actually looking for them.

And, last, the price. While Pexda has 3 pricing plans, Dropship Spy has only one – $20/month, which is very affordable and gives you access to all its features.

Pexda vs Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper may be the biggest rival of Pexda due to being favored by dropshippers. Plus, they are very similar one to another. They both find winning and hot products, find the most successful and popular Facebook Ads, make product videos, and providing with detailed analysis of the Facebook Ads.

The first difference between them is that Niche Scraper lets you spy on other stores to find their best-selling products, sales, traffic data, and more. This can help you choose your products and give you inspiration for your marketing.

The second difference is the price, with Niche Scraper being more expensive – $39/month. However, it offers a free trial account, unlike Pexda which has a paid trial.

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