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FBA Package Design Tips

Since we are a true private label seller we will need to brand our product with our unique design! ?The days of simply importing products from Alibaba and selling them as of are over. One of the best ways to stand out from competitors is to have eye-catching packaging! Die cut Before we get started with our package design will need to know the dimensions of our packaging. We do this by requesting our die cut from our supplier. The die cut will be the template for our design. It is simply put a laid-out version of our box packaging….

amazon FBA

Amazon’s Ranking Algorithm: How to Launch!

Launching your product is probably the hardest part of the whole FBA process. Amazon’s Ranking Algorithm I am a strong believer that Amazon ranks products based on the amount of sales. Amazon wants to make the most money as they can and they do this by placing the best selling products on top. Makes sense right? There are a couple of theories that Amazon ranks products based on a products average 7-day, 30-day & 90-days average sales. We are not sure until which period accounts sales to rank products. All we know is that Amazon ranks products based on Sales Velocity….

amazon FBA

Photo’s for your Amazon Listing!

Photos are your main selling point for your products. It is essential to have high-quality photos. And I would advise everybody not to bother taking pictures yourself with your iPhone or DIY lightbox, but to just have a professional take your photo’s. This investment is 100% worth it and this is one of the ways you can make your product stand out. I like to have the following photo’s taken: 4 product images 2 lifestyle images. You can find professional photographers at the following places: Jungle Market Fiverr

amazon FBA

Alibaba Supplers: FOB vs EXW

It’s time to start meeting our potential suppliers!   In this step, we will make the first contact with suppliers on Alibaba. Alibaba is the biggest supplier platform in China, so you will be sure to find a suitable supplier! If you search for your product name on Alibaba you will find a huge list of potential suppliers! If you are interested in selling Amazon products. Check out this Amazon Product Research Guide & this Manufacturing Guide. Trade Assurance Before we start browsing through these suppliers we want to make sure to select only suppliers who offer Trade Assurance: What do we want…

AliDropship vs Oberlo

AliDropship vs Oberlo – Which is better for Dropshipping?

The Dropshipping business is a direct result of the fast pacing revolution in the market of ecommerce. Its model enabled anyone to start a global business with as little as $1000 and scale it to thousands of dollars every month. Currently, more than 3.5 billion people surf the internet daily, and this proves there are no limitations. Tools such as Alidropship and Oberlo improves online e-commerce. Both of them are excellent tools and provide maximum performance without spending much.  Both AliDropship and Oberlo are not complete e-commerce platform; instead, they are an extension that can integrate with your site platforms such as…

Top 6 Print on Demand Sites

Top 6 Print on Demand Sites

Customized products are revolutionizing the market. Since its inception, the Print on Demand services is increasing day by day. Print on Demand sites offers an excellent opportunity for artists, designers, celebrities to monetize their art at the ease of their home. This led to the current gaining momentum of sale of the art online. Nowadays, artists around the world, connect with the Internet, upload their design and make it open for worldwide without any geographical restrictions. These sites enable talented and artists and other people in business to earn extra income while showcasing their talent and hard work. Moreover, this…

SpyFu Review vs SEMrush vs Ahref ; Alternatives

SpyFu is one of the best SEO tools that enables young and energetic bloggers to look insides of their competitor’s sites. It offers an extensive tool-set and a super-easy user interface (UI) that can help users transform small websites to midsize sites. However, its list of features doesn’t end here and includes PPC competitor monitoring, keyword spy tools, Adwords advisory, and many more. Here in this article, I’ll cover everything I have learned using this tool, including how to use spyfu? SpyFu free trial?? I’m sorry to break it to you, but SpyFu doesn’t offer any trail program. However, its plans…

NordVPN & ExpressVPN Alternatives Comparisons

A VPN is a great way to hide you online identify and secure your data! On this site we will cover some alternatives & comparison for some of the major VPN’s, such as: NordVPN, Express VPN: AVG Secure VPN vs ExpressVPN vs ExpressVPN Zenmate VPN vs ExpressVPN 12VPN vs NordVPN Private Tunnel VPN vs NordVPN Surfshark vs NordVPN Perfect Privacy VPN vs NordVPN VPN One Click vs NordVPN VPNArea vs NordVPN

Amazon Sales Rank Chart 2019

Everything you need to know about Amazon Sales Rank Chart 2019

The Amazon Sales Rank or also known as Amazon Best Seller Ranking (BSR) or Amazon Best Seller List – is still very confusing for a lot of Amazon Sellers. In this article, I’ll try to explain everything in details and how its calculated, so you can implement Amazon sales rank in your strategy and use it as an indicator for your sales performance. Category Total products Top 1% Top 3% Top 5% Top 10% Top 25% Appliances 1.356.453 13.564 40.693 67.822 135.645 339.113 Art, Crafts & Sewing 5.984.654 59.846 179.539 299.232 598.465 1.496.164 Automotive 25.657.865 256.578 769.735 1.282.893 2.565.787 6.414.466…

Best Social Media Automation Software: Jarvee vs Instazood

After using Jarvee and Instazood for a year now, a lot of question I get is “Which is the Best Social Media Automation Software?” Jarvee or Instazood. In this article, I’m going to write every advantages and disadvantage of both the software and also I’ll tell you about my personal opinion which one is better and why. Both the Instazood and Jarvee are social media automation bot, but both of them have their own working way and that make them totally different from each other. Jarvee Instagram Bot Jarvee is your one-stop solution for all kind of social media activity….