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Jungle Scout has both a web app and Chrome extension that address different needs but work well together. The Web App allows you to search for and find certain niches whereas the Chrome Extension allows you to really evaluate your chosen products and search terms.

With the Chrome Extension, you can see a range of product information on one dashboard, saving you the hassle of having to click on each product to take you to different pages.

Jungle Scout Lite vs Pro

The Chrome Extension comes in two different versions, the Lite and Pro.

The Lite version is obviously the more basic of the two but it still contains enough tools that will enable you to perform some useful product research.

Features Lite Version:

  • Monthly Sales & Revenue
  • Rating & Review Tracking
  • Category & Seller Ranking

Features Pro Version:

  • Web App Integration
  • Product Profit Calculator
  • FBA Fee Estimator
  • Product Opportunity Score

You also get more advanced filters with this version, which enables you to really hone in on the products you’re interested in.

Should I buy the Lite or Pro Version?

If you’re a complete beginner to Amazon FBA and have a limited budget, you will still find the Lite version to be a very useful tool when researching your products.

If you’re already selling on Amazon and you’re looking to expand even further and kick your business up to the next level, the Pro version will help to assist you even more.

Jungle Scout Alternatives

Jungle Scout does have its competitors and the main one is definitely Viral Launch.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch

Viral Launch is seen as Jungle Scout’s main competitor and some people (especially more advanced Amazon FBAs) prefer to use this software as although the user interface is more awkward to navigate around, they provide much more product data than Jungle Scout, which can make it a lot easier to find the perfect products to sell on Amazon.

For example, Viral Launch provides you with comprehensive hourly average Best Seller Ranking (BSR). They then add up the daily results to create a monthly sales estimate, which helps to take into account and big fluctuations (which can happen with product giveaways).

Jungle Scout shows more of a snapshot of the BSR which can make it more difficult to get an overall picture of the products’ trend.

Pro’s & Cons of Jungle Scout

The main pro with Jungle Scout is that it basically makes your product research quick and fairly pain-free. Although the software is advanced, it’s still easy to use which makes it more attractive to a lot of new and intermediate Amazon FBAs.

Jungle Scout also has an Opportunity Score which tells you how good of an opportunity a specific product is. The score ranges from 1-10 and anything from 7 upwards, means the product is definitely worth looking into.  We will look further into the Opportunity Score later in the article.

The main downside of Jungle Scout is that, compared Viral Launch, it does not give as much product data which may result in you investing in products which may not end up selling as lucratively as you first thought they would. 

Chrome Extension vs Web App

Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

The Jungle SCout Chrome Extension integrates with Google Chrome and helps by gathering specific data and information on products on Amazon.

The Chrome Extensions gives you data to help analyze your products such as sales trends, FBA fees, average product reviews, and price trends. With this data, you can quickly and easily assess how competitive and worth-while a product is.

The Opportunity Score!

The Opportunity Score on the Chrome Extension is a great tool as it allows you to quickly see if you should even bother spending time analyzing a particular product. If you check out the screenshot below you will see that the score for Himalayan Salt Lamps has a score of just 4. It has High Demand but High Competition. Whilst they may sell well as a whole, the high competition means you will be potentially be competing with thousands of other sellers.

Although more difficult to find, you need to be aiming for products with Medium to High Demand and Low to Medium Competition, generally seen in Opportunity Scores of 7 and above. 

Web App

Jungle Scout Web App

The web app has several features to help with your product research including:

The Product Database. This allows you to filter the Amazon catalogue to find and analyze products that you are interested in selling.

The Product Tracker feature then allows you to stalk your competitors and monitors the sales and ranking of a product over time.

The Niche hunter allows you to find specific niches by giving you data on their demand and competition. This advanced feature is a great tool for helping you to explore untapped niches.

Keyword Scout was released onto the Web App in May 2018 and is a reverse ASIN tool allowing you to check the keywords that your competitors use to sell their products. You can also view more niche keywords that shoppers search for, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.

Pricing & Trial

Jungle Scout has a few different pricing options.

Web App

This has three different pricing plans depending mainly on how many products you want to track. Be aware that with the Start Up Plan you do not get the Niche Hunter feature.

  • Start Up – $25 per month
  • Standard – $40 per month
  • Business – $50 per month

Jungle Scout Web App

Chrome Extension

Unlike the Web App, The Chrome Extension has a one-off fee.

  • Chrome Extension Lite is $97
  • Chrome Extension Pro is $197

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension


Jungle Scout was developed to help you to find the best products to sell on Amazon but you should never rely on one tool to make all of your decisions for you.

Although Jungle Scout is seen as a pretty accurate way of determining which products you should go for, it estimates sales based on a brief snapshot the Best Seller Ranking (BSR) which, unless you track a product over a few weeks, can wrongly influence your decisions on which products to purchase.

For example, if a seller does a giveaway, their BSR might become massively inflated making the product seem like it’s a lot more successful than it might actually be.

The Chrome Extension was designed for ease of use and informative evaluation but if you have the budget, get the Web App too as the two tools definitely go hand in hand.

Even better, if you can afford it, a lot of sellers actually use Jungle Scout and other product research software such as Viral Launch. This way, they can compare the results from both apps and see an ‘average’, which will allow them to make a much more informed decision when buying.

Jungle Scout Alternatives

Check out the comparison tables for these Jungle Scout alternatives:

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