Jarvee Instagram Bot (Review)

Jarvee Instagram Bot (Review)

Last Updated on May 5, 2021 by Jay Clover

What if I would tell you a secret now, how you can get thousands of Instagram followers without doing anything. I know it sounds too good to be true however it is actually very very simple. What I’m talking about is the best Instagram bot right now. In this review, I will explain everything in detail. So the first question coming out in your mind will be what is Jarvee Instagram Bot.

Jarvee is one of the most comprehensive bots out there for social media and what it does is it allows you to do thousands of actions by using a computer without you needing to them manually yourself. You just need to set up the initial settings, what exactly you want it to do for you, and then the bot does the rest, so you don’t need to do anything. It can perform actions such as follow, un-follow, comment so on and so on. If someone sees that you are engaging with their Instagram account, they are very likely to pump onto your Instagram account check out your profile, and if they see what they like, they might follow you back. This is by far the easiest way to grow your account because you really don’t need to do anything besides the initial setup. Which is not that hard you don’t need to anything, everything is done for you.

In this review I’m going to focus on Instagram part however, Jarvee is made for all kind of social media including Facebook, Twitter and all sorts of social media platform. This is really amazing as for one same price you can use it for all your social media handles which is just mind-blowing. Also, Jarvee features scheduling posts so you can actually schedule your social media posts.

Why Jarvee is the best Instagram bot right now?

I know this is a very big claim to say this; however, I do believe this fact. The best things about Jarvee includes its customization. Jarvee offers more customization feature than you can get on any other tools for Instagram. The more setting you have makes it safer to use the bot because you can customize it more and achieve better results. On top of everything, Jarvee is a software that you can download and run on your PC while other software available online are web-based bots making it a lot more risky.

The first step involving Jarvee can be intimidating as you have to download and install the bot on the remote desktop. For some people what I’m talking about can be hard to understand but believe me it is a lot easier than it sounds. Jarvee offers tutorials for everything, and it takes less than 15 minutes for the whole setup. One of the best thing about Jarvee is its affordability at the time I’m writing this review you can get the Jarvee for $20 per month and run ten different accounts on that or else you can get 70 accounts for $50 a month.

Jarvee Instagram Bot (Review)

Jarvee Features:

Social Profiles:

First thing first, the user interface in this application can seem a little complicated for first time user but its actually dead easy. As I have already mentioned Jarvee is a one-stop solution to all your social media profiles, so you can add your Facebook Page, Instagram page, Pinterest, Linkedin the possibilities are really endless. Jarvee allows you the flexibility to do anything that is based on your social media platform that you’re automating.

Jarvee Instagram Bot (Review)

Now if you’re automating your Instagram profile, You can enter your user name and password to connect. Next. If you want to add a proxy, you can easily add them in the next column. Some advanced option you can find down below, for example, if you want to sleep at night to act like a human you can do that and the software will not work at night time. Jarvee offers so many features that writing down everything in a single review is not possible. However, the idea is Jarvee has a lot in that allows you to control how exactly you want your automation tool to function.

Jarvee Instagram Bot (Review)


Tools again come with so many stuff inside them using which you can really refine exactly how it is that you want Jarvee to function. Now the first option is Follow which is generally the most important unction you are going to be using. Follows allows you to set up everything to gain targeted followers. You will get a lot of filters you can use to optimize your targeting. Using this if you want you can skip non-English user, you can make sure people have a profile image, also you can make sure the user has posted once or is not.

Jarvee Instagram Bot (Review)

Jarvee Usability:

Jarvee Usability is kind of the same as whole features, but ultimately it’s about how easy it is to jump in here and set the thing up. Jarvee while has a lot of stuff in here, and it can seem complicated it is actually a pretty simple application. On the left-hand side you have your sidebar and dashboard. When you click on summary, basically you get all the information about everything that’s going on with Jarvee.
When you click on statistics, you can see what is happening with your accounts and how they are growing. With “What’s New” you can see what’s new on the application. They do lots of updates which is really awesome as you can always see if there is an update for the software.

Email Notification:

Jarvee Instagram Bot (Review)

According to me, this is one of the best features of Jarevee Instagram bot, but they don’t advertise it on their website. When you enable notification, Jarvee is going to send you email if anything is going wrong. This will actually keep your mind at rest especially if you’re new in the whole automation world.

Jarvee support:

Jarvee Instagram Bot (Review)

If you are going to use Jarvee, you’re going to pay a monthly fee to use Jarvee, and this brings up the question of how good is their support. Because some application out there has good support some don’t. When it comes to Jarvee, they are pretty much on top of it with there customer support. They offer multiple ways to do it for example from the dashboard you can assess customer support. You can choose a different category, and you can also send product logs so they can actually see what’s going on with the software.

Jarvee Final Thoughts:

One of the most important thing about using Jarvee is that it is a window based social media application. So you will need a Windows computer to run this, also your computer will need to be on and running to function. You can’t just install Jarvee and set it up and then turn off your computer while using it. Overall Jarvee is one the best automation tool available to get followers and grow on Instagram.

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