How to Buy NFT’s on Binance!

Last Updated on November 30, 2021 by Jay Clover

How to Buy NFT’s

Buying NFT’s is extremely easy!

The biggest crypto exchange: Binance has now opening a NFT Marketplace!

Binance NFT Marketplace

Here you can scroll through all available NFT’s, see their transaction history and filter the best ones out.

Right now you can make a lot of money buying & selling NFT’s. However, you need to assess the value of an NFT. In short this is done through;

  • Rarity
  • Utilility
  • Tangibility

Buying NFT’s with Etherium (ETH)

Etherium is the most used currencies when it comes to buying & selling NFT’s. This is the second biggest crypto coin and typically has a lower transactions fee ( gas fee ) compared to bitcoin. However, this gas fee can still be quite high sometimes!

In order to buy Etherium you will have to sign up to a crypto exchange like Binance. Here you can buy Etherium with your creditcard, fiat or some exchanges even allow deposits with Paypal!

Can you Buy NFT’s without Gas Fee’s?

NFT’s are on the blockchain. Any transactions on the Etherium blockchain will require you to pay gas fee’s. So if you are planning to buy a NFT with ETH you will have to pay a gas fee!

However, you can also buy NFT’s with other currencies like: BNB!

How to buy NFT’s with BNB?

On Binance you can buy NFT’s with BNB!

  1. Go to the Binance NFT marketplace.
  2. Click on Filters
  3. Under Currencies, select: BNB.

BUY NFT's with BNB


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