Amazon Sales Rank Chart 2019

Everything you need to know about Amazon Sales Rank Chart 2019

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The Amazon Sales Rank or also known as Amazon Best Seller Ranking (BSR) or Amazon Best Seller List – is still very confusing for a lot of Amazon Sellers. In this article, I’ll try to explain everything in details and how its calculated, so you can implement Amazon sales rank in your strategy and use it as an indicator for your sales performance.

Amazon Sales Rank Chart 2019

What is Amazon fba Sales Rank chart?

The Amazon fba sales rank chart depicts how well a product is performing in terms of sales compared to other products in the same niche. A product with sales rank #1 is the post purchased product in that niche; #2 is the second most purchased product, and it goes on.

From the Amazon Sales Rank Chart, you can see which product is selling better than yours. For example, if your product is currently at rank #20, it means there are still 19 more products having higher sales volume than yours in the same niche.

Amazon Sales Rank Chart 2019

How is the Amazon sales rank chart calculated?

The method to find how exactly the sales rank is calculated by Amazon is not known; there are just speculations and theories surrounding the chart. However, there are some apparent figures which are taken into consideration, which includes sales volume, number of reviews, retail price, etc.

Amazon Sales Rank Chart is a variable, but its very unclear which time frame is taken into consideration as for the sales volume. According to some theories, the last 12 hours are taken into account, according to the others 24 hours or more.

According to my experience with Amazon, sales volume for a significantly more considerable time is counted while calculating the Amazon sales rank chart. It is very evident if you continually follow some hot product chart. It takes a long time frame purchase history to be able to get your product into Amazon bestseller ranking.Why does the Amazon sales rank Changes?

Most of the times, there is a possible reason for some product topping the Amazon Sales Rank Chart due to there brand value. However, for some significant changes in the list, there’s not any apparent explanation. Usually, in the top 10,000 products in a category, they update it hourly. For products ranging between 10,000 and 100,000, they update it daily. The product above those ranks are calculated monthly, So if you are making additional one-two sales, it will not lead to any immediate improvement in the sales rank of your product.

Amazon Sales Rank Chart 2019

How you can use the Amazon sales rank?

1. Product Research: Find products with high demand

From the sales rank chart, you can find the new products leading their way in a line of goods. It will significantly help you reduce the risk of investing in a slow swelling product. Before adding any product in your lineup, think whether it can generate enough demand to be successfully sold on Amazon. The Amazon Sales Rank Chart is a free and an excellent way to estimate the need for a product. The better the sales rank of the product, the better it can rank on top. As a new seller, you should always target products with a sales rank between 5,000 or even 2,000.

2. Competitor Pattern

Even experienced Amazon sellers use Amazon Sales Rank Chart to gather essential data, competitor monitoring, and also comparing their product with the toughest competition (benchmarking). If similar products topping the list have a better ranking, then you have to make some improvements in your product. This makes it very important to always keep a check on Amazon Sales Rank Chart of your product as well as your competition, so you can make a better decision in optimizing your own Amazon listing.
.Amazon Sales Rank Chart 2019

How can you improve sales rank on Amazon?

Until now, you accumulated with an overview of the Amazon Sales Rank Chart – what is it, how it works, the time frame of updation. The next question arises how you can use it for your advantage. Answer to this question is actually pretty simple “Generate more sales than your competitors”. With the help of Amazon Sales Rank Chart, you can keep a close eye on your own sales volume as well as of your competitors.

Beating competitors

I have covered may tools which you can use on/off Amazon, which can help you target more potential buyer and also helps you in getting more sales:

  • Solid keyword research to increase your product visibility
  • On a regular basis optimize your PPC campaigns
  • Use Amazon SEO to improve your keyword rankings

How can You Track Changes to Your Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

You can easily track your product ranking in Amazon Sales Rank Chart by just daily visiting the chart for free. Also, there are other paid tools available online, which you can help to stay on top of your Amazon Best Sellers Rank.

How Important is Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

If you solely focus on topping your product in Amazon Sales Rank Chart, you need to change your strategy. Only Best Seller Rank can’t guarantee your product sales. You have to work on improving your product SEO as well so that it can rank high for any search terms, especially on the organic search.

What is Amazon Sales Rank & 12 Steps to Improve itBSR

  The most mportant question that most sellers always have – how to improve Amazon sales rank and earn more revenue?

Both the questions are very essential and valid for all Amazon sellers, and the key to understanding them lies in Amazon’s A9 algorithm.

So, here is a quick introduction what Amazon’s A9 algorithm does.

Overview Of Amazon’s A9 Algorithm
Amazon A9 algorithm, or Amazon product search engine works completely different from Google’s algorithm.

amazon a9 algorithm

When any potential buyer searches for products on Amazon, the A9 displays the result via a 2-step process:

  • In the first step A9 pulls all the relevant data from the product catalogue.
  • In the second step it ranks them based on the relevancy.

Always remember that Amazon can change its algorithm anytime to maximize its revenue from every customer.

amazon a9 - how it works

They evaluate their systems constantly “using programmatic analysis, human behavior, performance metrics, and business metrics.”

Key Features Of A9 Algorithm

Amazon’s A9 algorithm usually considers three vital factors before displaying any result on top:

  • Relevancy:  This is one of the most crucial factors Amazon counts before displaying content to the user. Your product needs to be 100% relevant for topping the Amazon Sales Rank Chart. For making your product relevant, you need to optimize it with the right keyword that a potential buyer can search for.
  • Conversion Rate:  Factors included in calculating conversion rates include the product price, image quality, and customer reviews. The better the conversion more chances to rank higher on the Amazon SERPs.
  • Customer Satisfaction:  Order Defect Rate and the seller’s feedback plays a significant role in customer satisfaction, and Amazon takes it very seriously. Good reviews and better seller feedbacks will definitely result in better ranking and more revenue.

Now, as you have already learned about Amazon A9 algorithm and how its works, here is an infographic describing how you can rank up in Amazon and grow your revenue over time.

How To Improve Amazon Sales Rank?

 Amazon Sales Rank Chart 2019

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