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E-commerce has made a boom in the last decade and tens of thousands of online stores have appeared ever since. While some of them work like actual stores, selling things they have purchased from suppliers previously, others are dropshipping. In fact, the number of dropshipping businesses has increased in the last several years since the store owner doesn’t have to purchase the products they sell in advance but after someone orders them. How convenient! No wonder so many people looking for a way to run a business and experienced entrepreneurs have turned to this e-commerce method.

Due to the expansion of dropshipping, a lot of dropshipping platforms and tools have appeared on the market. But not all of them are equally good or effective as advertised. Actually, many of them are scams and that’s something everyone avoids.

Having in mind that no one would like to get scammed but find a reliable platform and tool that will help them run their dropshipping business and succeed in it, here we take a closer look at one of the good tools available on the market – Dropship Spy.

Can you guess what it does?

Let’s check it out!

What Is Dropship Spy?

Dropship Spy, as its name suggests, is a dropshipping product research tool that “spies” the products sold on the market and finds the best-selling ones for you. Yes, it’s your personal spy that finds winning products that could take your business to a whole new level.

It’s a great tool for dropshipping beginners who don’t have much experience in Facebook targeting because it provides a lot of data per each product listed on the tool. Of course, you have to remember not to copy all the data, otherwise, you won’t be able to stand out from your competitors. Apart from finding winning products, this tool also allows users to easily manage their online store thanks to its numerous features.

The most important question to be answered is – Is it a scam?

You’ll be happy to know that it’s not. On the contrary, it’s a reliable tool that can help you get started in the e-commerce world and scale your business in time.

Dropship Spy Features

We can say that Dropship Spy is one of the feature-richest dropshipping tools available on the market. Indeed, there are so many features included in this tool you can’t but be impressed. Now, let’s briefly check out each of them.


The main role of Dropship Spy is to search and find the best-selling products on the market. This feature is comprised of three tools: winning products, promising products, and smart match.

Winning Products

As the name says itself, this tool shows you all winning products on their platform. In order to find these products, you can easily type a keyword (e.g. pet supplies, necklace, etc.). The other option is to sort the products by niche, but this method takes more time as there are many sorting options included.

Each winning product comes with A TON of information, including:

  • Price and profit of the product in USD and GBP.
  • Details of other Drop Ship members who viewed, favored, and chose the product.
  • Engagement star rating of the Facebook Ad of the product.
  • Sample product description to get you inspired.
  • Facebook Ad examples to show you what you can include in your ad.
  • Reviews of the product.
  • Its price on Amazon.
  • A few suppliers that sell that product with all info your need on them.
  • eBay info on the product.
  • Facebook targeting tips – perfect for beginners.
  • Instagram influencer examples to show you who can advertise that product.
  • Related products.

Promising Products

This tool searches and shows you the promising products on their platform. Unlike the winning products, these are still not “winning” but have great potential to become one of them according to them.

All products come with most of the information as the winning products and have the same sorting options. The only difference between these two is that these lack data related to performance, like Facebook Ad examples because they aren’t “winning” products yet.

Smart Match

Apart from finding and showing you the best-selling and promising products, Dropship Spy also shows you the recommended products. It looks at your browsing history and favored products to show you similar products. However, according to users, the recommendations are somewhat weird.

Store Spy

This feature is one of the coolest ones in this dropshipping tool. It lets you find your competitors and provide you with a lot of information on them. Some of the data it shows are their best-selling products, top traffic sources, and converting Facebook ads. However, this is a two-edged sword as your competitors can also use this feature to spy on your store.

Product Spy

This tool is similar to the previous one but instead of spying on other stores, it spies on products. Using Product Spy, you can quickly check if a product is hot or not based on its orders over the last week.

Shopify Integration

Having in mind that most online stores run on the Shopify platform, most users are interested in whether or not a tool can integrate with it. So, to answer your question – YES, Dropship Spy can integrate with your Shopify store. In order to do it, you just have to add your store to the members’ area after you subscribe. What makes this tool so great is that it allows you to add an unlimited number of stores with one membership. Once integrated, you can start importing the products you want to sell with one click.


Not much experience in marketing? No problem! With Dropship Spy, marketing is easy as pie. This feature comprises various tools for Facebook and Instagram marketing. Let’s briefly check them out!

Facebook Marketing

This tool includes:

  • Engagement Calculator – Allows you to fill the likes, comments, shares, and post date of a specific Facebook Ad to see how good its engagement is.
  • FB Audience Builder – Gives you a lot of ideas on whom to target on Facebook. It’s especially important for first-time owners looking to market their business and products on Facebook.

Instagram Marketing

This tool includes:

  • Approved Influencers – Here you can find all approved Instagram influencers and look for those within your niche. By clicking on their image, you access their profile where you can find all the information about the influencer, such as engagement score, price, latest posts, and link to their Instagram page.
  • Influencer Search – Allows you to search for a specific influencer by filling their name.

Other Tools

Impressed by the features and tools mentioned above? Then, you’ll be astounded to hear that there are several other features offered by Dropship Spy. Those are:

  • Site Scanner – Similar to the Store Spy feature. You just fill in the URL of a specific store or website and get data on their traffic, including their rank, reach, page views, page views rank, and page views per user over the past week, month, and three months.
  • Store Search – By filling in the name of a product you sell, you can find all the Shopify stores that sell the same product and have that keyword in their product name.
  • Download Reviews – This tool, as its name says, allows you to download product reviews from Amazon, AliExpress, and Walmart. It’s a great tool for those who have a limited budget and can’t afford a review app.
  • Requests – This tool allows you to request a specific product in a certain niche.

Pros and Cons of Dropship Spy


  • Shopify integration.
  • Facebook Ad spy and audience builder.
  • Database of Instagram influencers plus a search option.
  • Aliexpress product spy.
  • Tons of other helpful features and tools.
  • Option to request promotional materials for the products you want to sell.
  • Product reviews download.
  • Access to the Dropship Spy forum.
  • Affordable price.


  • Store Spy and Store Search features are in beta testing, hence don’t work properly.
  • A limited number of Shopify stores are indexed on Dropship Spy’s website.


Dropship Spy has one membership plan at the time of writing this article. It costs $20 per month and gives you access to all features of this dropshipping tool. If you want, you can ask them for a yearly plan and they will probably give you 3 months for free with that subscription plan.

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