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In search of the best and reliable dropshipping tool, we came across Dropship Rabbit. Although it’s fairly new on the market, it has a quite big user list under the belt and some really awesome features.

Many users claim it’s a very easy-to-use dropshipping tool. It has all the features a user would like and makes finding the right products simple.

What Is Dropship Rabbit?

Dropship Rabbit is an e-commerce tool that allows users to find the best products to sell. It also offers many other essential features, which help users organize and grow their e-store.

As you can see on its website, it promises to help users find all new and trending products. In that way, it helps them sell winning products and become a successful store owner.

What Does It Offer?

Dropship Rabbit offers its users some of the most fantastic features, including:

    • Large product database
    • Trending products
    • Full-features product list
    • Facebook tutorials

All features

Large Product Database

Dropship Rabbit has the largest product database for dropshipping with over 97.000.000 items, over 130.000 daily new items, and over 1300 trending and wining items. Apart from providing you with millions of products to choose from, it also helps you find your niche faster using a filter. In that way, they save you money and time looking for the right products to sell.

Trending Products

The guys behind Dropship Rabbit do the hard work for you and search for the latest trending products across all dropshipping stores. They provide the collected products in three different categories:

    • Last weeks’ Best Seller
    • Today Best Seller
    • Just-launched Best Seller

The first two categories list the best-selling products based on the analysis of the previous week and the current day respectively. This makes your search for products to sell effortlessly as it tells you which were the most sold products of that day and the previous week.

The third category includes the latest released products that bring high revenue. Unlike the previous two, this feature ensures you know the potentially most profitable products. Also, it allows you to sell them when there’s not much competition, thus increasing the chance of selling your product(s) and your visibility on the market.

Full-Featured Product List

Dropship Rabbit provides users with a product list that includes all the details one would like to have, including:

    • Title and description
    • Product pictures
    • Link to a selected manufacturer
    • Link to best suppliers
    • Link to Amazon and eBay
    • Link to competitor’s e-store
    • Link to competitor’s Facebook page
    • Link to competitor’s Facebook ad
    • Ready Ad text
    • Ready video Ad
    • Animated DIF in description
    • Targeted audience

Having all this information on your hand helps you find products you like out of the millions of best-sellers. Moreover, it gives you a detailed description of each product so that you know exactly what you are selling and your customers exactly what they are buying. This, consequently, builds your business’ credibility and increases the trust of your customers.

In addition, having the linking features allows you to easily manage the choose the link (supplier) you are going to use for each product you sell. The ready text and video ads allow you to promote your products on social media effortlessly whereas the targeted audience features ensure your ad reaches the right customers. With these features in hand, you can be sure your products will be seen by the right people, thus increasing their chances of being sold.

Facebook Tutorials

To make your work easier or support newcomers, Dropshi Rabbit also provide their users with two Facebook tutorials: Facebook Ads Beginner’s Guide for 2020 and Facebook Ads for Dropshipping 2020 Edition.


Dropship Rabbit includes millions of products from over thousand of niches, with a list constantly growing. Some of the niches it includes are:

    • Car Accessory
    • Gadgets
    • Gifts
    • Health and Beauty
    • Home and Kitchen
    • Kids and Baby
    • Outdoor
    • Pets
    • Phone accessory
    • Sports and Fitness
    • Tools

Check out all niches here.

Having a vast choice of niches to choose from, you have great freedom in choosing those you like the most. Regardless of which niche you choose, there are hundreds of thousands of products you can choose from, based on their price, popularity, and selling success.

Price – Standard vs Premium

This is the point that differs Dropship Rabbit from many of its competitors. It has two membership plans: Standard- $14.99/month and Premium – $19.99/month. With plans at this price, it’s one of the most affordable dropshipping tools on the market. Moreover, if you take into consideration the number of features it includes and the simplicity of work, it’s definitely a tool to try.

Dropship Rabbit vs Competitors

Dropship may be new on the market, but that doesn’t mean it’s worse than their competitors. On the contrary, unlike other dropshipping tools, this one has a user-friendly interface and it’s streamlined. It’s very simple to use, at the same time, providing users with all the things they need to scale up their business.

However, not all dropshipping tools are the same. Like every other tool, this one also has its pros and cons compared to its competitors.

Dropship Rabbit vs Ecomhunt

Compared to Ecomhunt, it misses the Search features and has a poor sorting ability. Users can sort products by Popularity, Latest, and Price (low-high). Listing products by Niche is basic. But, if you consider the price, it still has great features. Even though the listing and sorting are basic, you can still find the products you need.

Dropship Rabbit vs Pexgle

Dropship Rabbit, as already mentioned, collects and analyzes the best-selling products from all dropshipping stores. While this is extremely helpful as it saves you a lot of time and nerves, it also has a negative side. It’s because you are selling products that hundreds of thousands of people have bought from other e-stores. You may have several purchases, but since your target audience is (almost) the same with your competitors per that particular item, it means that they have already seen and most possibly bought what you sell.

On the other hand, selling products that you have found and analyzed yourself can lead to higher success. It’s because, you research the products you want to sell on your own, not as a program has told you. When choosing products to sell from the database of a program, like Dropship Rabbit, you can’t actually rely on it since you don’t know the criteria used to identify the best-sold products. But, when you choose those products based on specific criteria, you know, you are sure you have made the right choice.

Pexgle does exactly that. It provides you with a unique collection of data points you should consider and analyze when choosing products. In that way, you can find products you think will sell the best. Plus, you will sell products that not all your competitors sell, thus being different from them.

As you can see, Dropship Rabbit is one of the easiest dropshipping tools available. With a user-friendly and sleek interface, numerous features, and a competitive price, it’s undoubtedly a tool you should try. Even if you don’t like it, you can cancel it at any time without any hassle. It’s as simple as that.


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