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Want to start a dropshipping business but have no previous experience? No problem! The Dropship Lifestyle course will teach you everything you have to know about dropshipping!

Created by a successful dropshipper, Anton Kraley, this online training program is bound to become a must-go through for every avid dropshipper, both, novices and experienced ones who don’t have much success.

What is Dropship Lifestyle?

First things first, before heading to explaining all details of this program, let’s define what it actually is.

Simply told, it’s an online course that teaches wanna-be-dropshippers how to be successful in dropshipping. Explained a bit better, it’s an entire training program and community for eCommerce entrepreneurs that shows you, step-by-step, how to build a highly profitable, semi-automated dropshipping business. During the course, students learn Anton’s 7-step blueprint for starting and scaling their businesses. It is the best eCommerce course according to Shopify with thousands of ex-students turned into successful entrepreneurs around the globe.

Who Created Dropship Lifestyle?

It was Anton Kraley. He, himself, has created several e-commerce businesses, all of which are successful, generating millions of dollars per year. Learning from his mistakes and the methods he used to scale his online stores to over $1 million-worth businesses, he wanted to share with other avid dropshippers. And, so, he turned all of his knowledge into the Dropship Lifestyle program.

Dropship Lifestyle Course Overview

The course has 4 sections:

  • The Dropship Blueprint
  • Adwords PPC
  • Paid Social Traffic
  • Events

.. and 7 modules:

  • Niche and Product Selection
  • Market Research
  • Creating Your Website
  • Finding Suppliers
  • Optimizing for Conversions
  • Getting Traffic
  • Automation of Your Site

The Sections

I. The Dropship Blueprint

There are 13 modules in this part but you will be impressed in the first one when Anton introduces his dropshipping model. Unlike other courses which teach you to choose trending, “winning” products, Anton teaches you to find one, “evergreen” niche, and he analyzes whether it will be successful or not. Also, he suggests choosing local over Chinese suppliers because they will be able to ship the products whenever needed and much faster.

In this section, there are 77 videos with a total length of 33 hours and 30 minutes.

II. Adwords PPC

This section consists of 3 modules. Here, you will learn how Google Ads work from a renowned PPC Ads expert, Michael Erickson from Search Scientists, A Google certified partner. Also, you will learn about different types of ads and Google Ads Pro.

All of this is well-packed in 29 videos, with a total length of 5 hours and 26 minutes.

III. Paid Social Traffic

There are 6 modules in this section that teach you about how to market your dropshipping business on social media. Here, you will learn about:

  • Social paid traffic marketing fundamentals for e-commerce
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • Putting it all together

When referring to the social media platform mentioned here, you can expect a lot more than just the basics of each. For instance, you will learn all the things there are about Facebook ads, from setting them up to the Facebook Pixel, and a lot more.

You will learn all this through 38 videos at a total length of 6 hours and 15 minutes.

IV. Events

This is a bonus section in which you will find a lot of videos with the guest speakers from the previous retreat. This section is updated each year.

Currently, there are 7 videos with a total length of 6 hours ad 18 minutes.

The Modules

Now that we’ve briefly looked at the 4 sections that make this program, it’s time to look at the modules it’s made of.

1. Niche Selection

In this module, Anton teaches you his very own method on how to choose high-value products in the right niche. It’s all focused on the topic of how to grow your business by finding you the right niche that will allow you to scale your business to 7 figures.

2. Market Research

In this module, Anton teaches you his tricks for searching and finding the right products to sell, products that will bring you the highest profit.

3. Creating Your Website

Here, you will get access to the Dropship Lifestyle Shopify theme that you can install to your site. It’s a nice-looking theme optimized for conversion.

4. Finding Suppliers

After learning the basics of dropshipping and getting the theme for your site, it’s time to learn how to find the right suppliers. They have to be legit and, as Anton suggests, local. Apart from merely telling you how to find your suppliers, he also gives you the phone numbers and email scripts you need to apply for approval. How amazing is that?!

5. Optimizing for Conversions

If you want to make money, you need to optimize your online store for conversions. In that way, you increase the chances of a visitor buying something from your site. There are many elements related to conversion such as the site’s theme, layout, the color palette used, as well as prices. And, Anton teaches you how to do all that to get the maximum ROI on your ads.

6. Getting Traffic

Ok, so this is what interests you the most as a seller! So, how to get a lot of traffic? Through marketing! And, how to do that? Anton shows you how! In this module, you will learn how to drive lots of traffic by using social media and Google.

7. Website Automation

This is a new module, available in the latest version of the program, v7.0. Automation… it’s the key to success and the key to Anthon’s success. Hence, you can expect to learn everything there is about the automatization of your e-commerce business.

Dropship Lifestyle Course Upgrades

In the latest upgrade of the Ultimate package, you get:

  • Ready-made Shopify store – Yup, Anton and the team behind him will create your Shopify store so you don’t have to waste a minute of your time. And, best of all, it will be optimized and ready for selling the way Anton prepares his stores. Impressive, right?
  • 1 year of private coaching – Imagine getting 1-on1 tutoring lessons with Anton for a whole year… Well, you don’t have to imagine because that’s exactly what you get with the Ultimate package.
  • 2021 retreat ticket – And, last but not least, you get a ticker for the 2021 retreat. How amazing is that?! You will meet Anton and all other fellow entrepreneurs in person and spend some time with them, hanging out and learning from each other. This year, you will enjoy the beauties of Prague!

Why Choose This Program?

Yes, we know there are plenty of dropshipping courses available today. All of them are created and taught by professionals in the field; we’re not going to argue that. However, what we do want to point out is that the Dropship Lifestyle program is unique. Why? Because it comes with unprecedented materials, including Anton’s blueprint and method, ready-made Shopify store, 1-on-1 coaching sessions, Google Product Listing Ads, and constant updates to the content.

So, the simple answer to the question is: because it’s amazing! Seriously, there are so many benefits of this course that it’s a pity to miss them (unless, of course, you can’t afford it). If you are ready to invest in your knowledge, scale your business, and are determined to dedicate yourself to the same, I wholeheartedly recommend you to take this course.

Pros and Cons of Dropship Lifestyle

Related to the previous heading, let’s take a look at the things that make this course worth taking and those that can be improved.


  • You get Anton’s blueprint, the Dropship Lifestyle website theme, the app, suppliers’ contacts and ready-made email templates, and plenty of other resources and tools that every serious e-commerce business owner should have. Hence, you get everything you need to learn how to become a successful dropshipper.
  • 1-on-1 coaching session – Definitely one of the best things about this content as every student needs a private talk with their tutor, in this case, Anton. It’s the time when you can ask anything you want to ask, talk about your issues, and anything related to the course or dropshipping.
  • You get niche suggestions as well as a suggestion on which products to sell; hence, there’s no need to look for products yourself.
  • Amazing support from the team – They are always there and ready to help you whenever you need it. Plus, the community is your best friend and always ready to jump in and help or answer any question you have.


  • Expensive – While the price is more than worth paying, not many people can afford to pay it. Therefore, this course is limited only to users that can afford to pay at least about $5,000. However, if you are determined to make a living out of your dropshipping business and have the money you need to invest in it, you should take this course. Plus, if you devote yourself to the course and practice what Anton preaches, you will return your investment in a couple of months, less than a year top.
  • No organic SEO training – This course focuses on paid advertising on various channels, but lacks the free marketing done via SEO. However, since you get the Anton method and his blueprint, you don’t need to use SEO. Plus, SEO is completely different from paid advertising and you need to learn different things and gain different skills; hence, you will have to take additional SEO-focused courses to master it. And, you don’t need that.
  • Only Shopify is supported – It’s clear that this is the best course for Shopify, but it’s just for Shopify, not for learning how to dropship on your own website or other e-commerce platforms. Bummer, right? So, it’s a kind of a double-edged sword: perfect for Shopify dropshippers, but not for those who want to use other platforms.

Who Is It for?

This course is for every serious dropshipper who really wants to succeed in their business and is ready to dedicate time and themselves to learning about everything Anton has to say. If you don’t put lots of effort and time into it, you will fail. Keep this in mind!


Dropship Lifestyle has 4 packages (at the moment of writing):

  • Premium – $3,497
  • Premium+ – $4,997
  • Ultimate – $8,997
  • Unlimited – $25,000

For the latest information on the prices, please visit the website.

Free Training

Although there’s no free trial for this program, there is free training. All you need to get access to it is sign up with your e-mail address here. Apart from the training, you also get a list of 237 profitable product ideas. In this training, Antons teaches you about:

  • Product Selection – how to find thousands of profitable products to sell in your Shopify store and how much you can earn from them.
  • Store Design – how to build a great-looking online store for less than $50.
  • Traffic Source – how to drive traffic to your store and “convince” them to buy from you, not your competitors.

Is It Legit?

The most important question each of you probably has when it comes to a course – Is Dropship Lifestyle a legit training program?

With so many impressive features, many may think that this course is fake. WRONG! This course is LEGIT and there are many proofs for that. One of them is the fact that it’s been voted as the best e-commerce course by Shopify. Also, there are many course reviews by real students, which you can check out on the “Reviews” page on their website.

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