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Create Amazon Barcodes: UPC vs FNSKU vs ASIN??

Last Updated on May 10, 2021 by Jay Clover

All products need a barcode on their packaging. Since we will be selling on Amazon we will need an FNSKU barcode. FNSKU is the default barcode type used by Amazon.

UPC Codes

Before we can generate our FNSKU barcode we need a UPC code. UPC codes can be bought at the official GS1 site or at a cheaper retailer like SnapUPC.

FNSKU Barcode

Once we have our UPC code we can generate our FNSKU barcode within Amazon Seller Central. When you create the listing for your product you need to enter your UPC code:

Once your listing is created you can download your FNSKU code:

  • Select your listing

  • Click the “Print item labels” from the dropdown menu.

You will now have your FNSKU barcode which looks like this;

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