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DropshipMe vs WooDropship

DescriptionDropshipMe offers a huge list of +50,000 dropshipping products you can directly import into your Wordpress Store: Woocommerce.WooDropship allows you to quickly add AliExpress products to your WooCommerce store. With one-click you can also fulfil all orders on AliExpress.
PricingStarting at $29 (one-time payment).
All pricing plans.
$19,99 per month. or $97 one time fee.
Free TrialYes! Free plan available (50 products)Yes, 7-day free trial.
  • Woocommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Import best-selling dropshipping products into your Woocommerce store with 1 click.
  • Professional product titles & images.
  • Trusted suppliers.
  • Import customers reviews.
  • Recommended pricing markup.
  • No monthly charges.

Full list with features.
  • Add AliExpress products -> Woocommerce.
  • Inventory & Price sync.
  • Image editor
  • 1-click order fulfillment (Bulk orders).
  • Custom pricing rules
  • product customization
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