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AliDropship vs Oberlo (Shopify)

AliDropshipOberlo (Shopify)
DescriptionAliDropShip is an easy to install dropshipping store that will let you easily add AliExpress products & automatically fulfill orders!Oberlo is Shopify's own dropshipping tool that you can use for free if you have a Shopify store. It is a very good dropshipping tool where you can directly import products into your Shopify store (they have a big product database) & have them automatically shipped to your customers.
Pricing$89 LifetimeStarting $29 per month.
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Free TrialNoYes, 14 days free trial
  • 1-Click add to store
  • Place orders automatically
  • Pricing Automation
  • Review importer
  • Email Lists
  • Abandoned Cart Reminde
All Features
  • Easily add dropshipping product directly to your Shopify store!
  • Automatically have your supplier ship the products directly to your customers!
  • Unlimited orders.
  • Find best-selling products by checking the "Order Volume".
  • 1-Click order fulfillment (Bulk orders)
  • Sales dashboard
  • Inventory monitoring.
  • Pricing automation.
  • Email lists.
  • Abandoned cart reminder.
  • Customize products.
  • Set competitive products.
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