GNOME Keyring vs OAuth

After carefully testing & reviewing both Password Managers, we can conclude that OAuth is better than GNOME Keyring!

We have used both products for several weeks and have based our review on aspects like Price, Quality, Customer Service, User Reviews. As you can see from the comparison table, OAuth is superior to GNOME Keyring.

When checking the user reviews, we noticed most users preferred OAuth as their Password Manager.

GNOME KeyringOAuth
Free Trial?FreeYes, 30 days for free
Use friendly
Supported Platforms
  • Unix-like
Made for developers/coders: Software Development Kit available for:
  • Javascript,
  • Phonegap/Cordova
  • iOS
  • Android
  • PHP,
  • Node.js
  • Go
Browser Integration?
Share password with multiple users
2-Factor Authentication
Date Import & Export
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