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Requesting Alibaba Samples

We know that our potential suppliers can manufacture our product, now we want to actually see them! Time to request samples!   Requesting Multiple Samples One of the biggest mistakes people make is ordering 1 sample from 1 supplier. This will set you up to fail. What will you do when this 1 sample is of low quality. Go through the whole process of ordering samples and wait a couple of weeks again? We will want to request samples from the top 3 – 10 suppliers we have contacted. This will give us a lot to negotiate and eliminate suppliers who offer…

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Amazon PPC Campaigns: Manual vs Automatic

IMO PPC is essential to launch a new product. Like I said before, our goal on our first order is not necessary to make a huge profit, but to generate enough sales velocity that will increase our rankings. And of course, PPC is a great method to bring attention to our product! Here you can see that the first 3 results for Garlic Press as Sponsored / PPC results. This means these results are given to the person places the highest bid through Amazon’s PPC / Promotion platform. Auto PPC Campaign If you have no experience with PPC you can…

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Amazon FBA Product Research: Too much competition?

The main factor we use when determining competition is the number of reviews a product has. Of course, there are other factors that we can outperform our competitors on, such as listing-quality & product photos for example. You should keep these factors in mind. But for now, we will focus on the main factor: Reviews. Reviews We want to have more reviews than our competitors. And ideally, also have a better review rating. Most of the time, customers will pick the most trustworthy product (lots of reviews, good rating). So if we come across a niche where the entire first…

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Create Amazon Barcodes: UPC vs FNSKU vs ASIN??

All products need a barcode on their packaging. Since we will be selling on Amazon we will need an FNSKU barcode. FNSKU is the default barcode type used by Amazon. UPC Codes Before we can generate our FNSKU barcode we need a UPC code. UPC codes can be bought at the official GS1 site or at a cheaper retailer like SnapUPC. FNSKU Barcode Once we have our UPC code we can generate our FNSKU barcode within Amazon Seller Central. When you create the listing for your product you need to enter your UPC code: Once your listing is created you can…

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Amazon Early Reviewer Program

Enroll in Early Reviewer Program Getting your first reviews is probably the hardest task when launching your first product. Lucky for us Amazon created a special program for us to get our first reviews: The Early Reviewer Program. It costs $60 to enroll. For this budget Amazon will incentivize your customers to leave a review, up until your first 6 reviews. They will send them an e-mail offering them a small gift card ($1-$3) if they leave a review. You already need sales for this to work! This is not a magic button that will instantly get you 6 reviews….

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FBA Package Design Tips

Since we are a true private label seller we will need to brand our product with our unique design! 😎The days of simply importing products from Alibaba and selling them as of are over. One of the best ways to stand out from competitors is to have eye-catching packaging! Die cut Before we get started with our package design will need to know the dimensions of our packaging. We do this by requesting our die cut from our supplier. The die cut will be the template for our design. It is simply put a laid-out version of our box packaging….

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Amazon’s Ranking Algorithm: How to Launch!

Launching your product is probably the hardest part of the whole FBA process. Amazon’s Ranking Algorithm I am a strong believer that Amazon ranks products based on the amount of sales. Amazon wants to make the most money as they can and they do this by placing the best selling products on top. Makes sense right? There are a couple of theories that Amazon ranks products based on a products average 7-day, 30-day & 90-days average sales. We are not sure until which period accounts sales to rank products. All we know is that Amazon ranks products based on Sales Velocity….

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Photo’s for your Amazon Listing!

Photos are your main selling point for your products. It is essential to have high-quality photos. And I would advise everybody not to bother taking pictures yourself with your iPhone or DIY lightbox, but to just have a professional take your photo’s. This investment is 100% worth it and this is one of the ways you can make your product stand out. I like to have the following photo’s taken: 4 product images 2 lifestyle images. You can find professional photographers at the following places: Jungle Market Fiverr Click to rate this post! [Total: 2 Average: 5]

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Alibaba Supplers: FOB vs EXW

It’s time to start meeting our potential suppliers!   In this step, we will make the first contact with suppliers on Alibaba. Alibaba is the biggest supplier platform in China, so you will be sure to find a suitable supplier! If you search for your product name on Alibaba you will find a huge list of potential suppliers! If you are interested in selling Amazon products. Check out this Amazon Product Research Guide & this Manufacturing Guide. Trade Assurance Before we start browsing through these suppliers we want to make sure to select only suppliers who offer Trade Assurance: What do we want…

Jungle Scout Alternatives

4 Jungle Scout Alternatives: Free & Paid [Updated: December 2019]

Jungle Scout is an amazing tool. However, it is also good to look at other options as well. So for that reason I have listed the 4 best Jungle Scout Alternatives in this article! Helium 10 Viral Launch AMZScout Unicorn Smasher (Free) Alternative 1: Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout has been an immense ire between the amazon retailers for a former period. To know which one is the finest. I’m going to equate both the Chrome Extension and Web App of each retailer tool so we can actually see what the variances are and where…