Best Social Media Automation Software: Jarvee vs Instazood

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After using Jarvee and Instazood for a year now, a lot of question I get is “Which is the Best Social Media Automation Software?” Jarvee or Instazood. In this article, I’m going to write every advantages and disadvantage of both the software and also I’ll tell you about my personal opinion which one is better and why. Both the Instazood and Jarvee are social media automation bot, but both of them have their own working way and that make them totally different from each other.

Jarvee Instagram Bot

Jarvee Instagram Bot (Review)

Jarvee is your one-stop solution for all kind of social media activity. Be it your Facebook page Instagram page, jarvee has all you need to get your social media handles running and growing. Being an automation software with Jarvee your workload decreases a lot as you don’t need to do anything. You just need to apply some settings, and jarvee comprehensive bot will perform all sorts of activities including follow, un-follow, comment so on and so on.

Instazood Instagram Bot

Instazood Instagram Bot (Review)

Instazood Instagram Bot is also one of the most trending automation bot for social media platforms. After using Instazood for a year now, I can surely say it is better from all the software out there in various ways. Firstly, for using Instazood, it is not required to buy the whole software. If you have one or two accounts to manage you can easily buy it according to your account numbers and start using it.

Jarvee Features:

Firstly Jarvee offers most no of customization you can get any social media automation bot. Being a software, you can download Jarvee on your computer rather than using a web-based bot.

Social Profiles:
Jarvee allows you to connect any social media handle you want to automate be it your Facebook Page, Instagram page, Pinterest or LinkedIn. Also, it’s dead easy to use Jarvee for example if you are automating your Instagram account you just need to enter your Instagram user name and password, and you are good to go. Jarvee also offers proxy features so if you want to use a proxy you can do it easily from the software. You can also opt for not using Jarvee at night time to display more human behavior.

When It comes to tools, Jarvee offers a lot of tools to get your desired results. Explaining every tool will be a make this article very long so cutting the chase short I’ll explain about some of the most used tools of Jarvee. The first tool yo get with Jarvee is Follow, which is going to be the most used tool if you go for Jarvee. With follow tool you can set Jarvee to get targeted followers. You will also get tons of filters which you can use to optimize your targeting.

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Features of Instazood Instagram Bot

Conversion Rate:
The first thing that I liked about Instazood will definitely be its conversion rate for every single account. Yes! When you add any social media account in Instazood, it provides you with its conversion rate so you can optimize it in the way you want. According to Instazood you should have at least have a 50% or higher rate of conversion. If you don’t, you need to work harder and also schedule your post or add comments according to the growth.

With the help of Instazood, you can select what kind of activities or action you want to perform with your account. Also from the instazood features, you will get the option to choose how fast or slow you want Instazood to perform. Basically, you will have three options to optimize the speed of Instazood Low, medium and Fast. Selecting wisely these settings will allow you to get the best growth rates possible.

Instazood Instagram Bot (Review)

I always recommend to keep this button on while working with Instazood. For me, this setting has helped me a lot to get reasonable overall conversion rates. It allows Instazood to reach as many people as possible and most of them it results in getting an increased no of followers.

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From the Instazood filter settings, you have options to select gender or age of media. If you want to target some specific interest group you can choose for how recently they have posted and how much they are active on Instagram.

Skip used account:
After enabling this setting, you can opt to skip the accounts of the user you have interacted earlier. However, I choose not to select this option as you never know when a person gets interested in the topic you are working one.

Max followers:
This setting allows you to skip users who have a certain amount of followers. This filter is really helpful as if someone has more than 10000 followers are less likely to see your activity and follow you back.

Min Post
This setting is just the opposite of Max followers. I recommend to keep it at least one post as people not having even one post are most likely to be fake account and you will not get any benefit from it.


Both Instazood and Jarvee offers different packages that you can choose according to your need.

Instazood packages:
$ 9.99 $ 9.99 $ 14.99 $ 14.99
1 Mon – Instagram Bot 1 Mon – Comment Tracker 1 Mon – Direct Message 1 Mon – Post manager
Auto Follow

Auto like

Auto comment

Auto Unfollow

activity filters

Mark As Important

Delete Comments

Reply to Comments

Mark as Read

Manage All in One Look

Send Welcome Message

Send Message to Followers

Send Message to Non Followers

Send 80-120 Message Per Days

put image on Message

Send Welcome Message

Send Message to Followers

Send Message to Non Followers

Send 80-120 Message Per Days

put image on Message


Jarvee packages:
Starter Professional Premium
$ 29.95 /month $ 69.95 /month $ 99.95 /month
  • All Scheduling and Automation Features
  • 10 Social Accounts
  • Top 8 Social Media Platforms
  • Premium Customer Support
  • All Scheduling and Automation Features
  • 70 Social Accounts
  • Top 8 Social Media Platforms
  • Premium Customer Support
  • All Scheduling and Automation Features
  • 150 Social Accounts
  • Top 8 Social Media Platforms
  • Premium Customer Support

Which one is better?

I personally use Instazood. It is waay cheaper and it just fits my needs better. I also like that you can customize it (which is not possible with Jarvee).

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