AWeber Review (vs MailChimp & vs GetResponse)

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AWeber is one of the oldest and most trusted email platforms for sending out newsletters and other emails to your list. We’ll dive in to see some of the advantages AWeber has and whether it’s the right email marketing service for you.


AWeber comes with a host of features, including a drag and drop email editor, split testing features, email automation and so much more. Let’s take a look at what you can do with AWeber.

Create Powerful Email Newsletters

Let’s start with email newsletters, most of us will be managing some type of email list, whether that’s a list of employees or customers, we need to send a newsletter. AWeber makes it easy to create newsletters. If you have ever used products like ​Elementor​ then you know how powerful a drag and drop interface and be. AWeber sports an excellent drag and drop editor.


Not only can you create your email newsletters with a drag and drop tool, but AWeber gives you over 700 mobile-responsive email templates. Check a ​few of them out​ yourself! They come styled and ready for your customization, you can easily add your logo, headline, company info and send off the emails that you need.

Another excellent tool that AWeber offers is the Rss to Email feature, this lets you create emails from your latest blog posts. Such a simple, powerful way to connect with your subscribers, and keep them coming back to your site! If you have a blog, chances are you have an RSS feed. It’s automatic, and when you publish a post, your blog sends out a broadcast over RSS letting readers know you have new content. AWeber uses this to automatically send emails/


Build a Bigger List

With AWeber you can easily add awesome sign-up forms to your website or blog. They are mobile responsive by default, big, bold and beautiful. Again, AWeber provides hundreds of templates, not only for emails but for signups as well.

You can split test forms against each other, seeing which design gets more signups. Compare button colors, background colors, and easily add custom forms to specific areas of your website.

AWeber even gives you the Atom App, for gathering real life emails when you’re on the go. Never let another elevator meeting pass you by, now you can sign up anyone using your cell phone that you meet in real life. Awesome!
Do you have an email list already? It’s easy to move your subscribers to AWeber. Plus you can easily invite PayPal customers to your email list by connecting your accounts. Not only that, AWeber provides integrations for WordPress, Wix, WebFlow and almost any content platform you can think of.

Analysis Tools

It’s great to send emails so easily with AWeber, and even better to track them


Track the big picture stuff, like Opens and Open Rates, Clicks, Sales and Unsubscribes. The graphs tell you all there is to know.

Split test your emails, to let you know which ones are giving the most opens. Also known as A/B testing, you can make tweaks as small as simple headline changes, to see which of the two performs better. And once you have that data, blast the better candidate to your list!

You should know that AWeber brings you the highest email deliverability rate, putting your emails in the inbox where they belong, not the spam folder.


Your subscribers are the lifeblood of your email marketing efforts. Luckily AWeber makes it a snap to manage and segment your users with Tags and an easy to use subscriber interface. Whether you need to send automatic follow up emails or track user actions, it’s easy with AWeber.

So what is Tagging? Maybe you run a company and have workers in the warehouse, in accounting and in your stores. Or maybe you run a website and have subscribers with different interests. Either way, you can ‘tag’ subscribers with any label you want. Going back to our employees example, you can tag every employee as ‘staff’ and tag warehouse employees as ‘warehouse’.

You can send an email to the entire staff with the staff tag, or target just the warehouse workers with the warehouse tag. This easy and intuitive system makes it simple to create custom signup forms in different categories of your site, and tag users by their interests. Powerful stuff.

Not only can you segment your list based on tags, but you can also create custom fields for users. Segment users based on email opens, who opened your emails? Who didn’t open them? What about segmenting customers who made purchases, or segmenting website visitors, or segmenting by location? As you can see, segmenting your subscribers is ​powerful​ marketing automation.

Mobile Apps

AWeber comes with a suite of mobile apps you can download, such as Atom, AWeber Stats and Curate.

Atom lets you collect emails from anyone you meet, at the airport, in a meeting or at the gym. These are real people who know you – sign them up! Collect their name and email, and add them to your list.

Maybe you need the latest stats on the go. AWeber Stats is an attractive view into your email campaigns from your mobile phone. Track everything from open rate, click through rate, sales, bounce rate and more from an easy to use interface.

And finally there is Curate. With it’s built in web browser you can create curated emails to send to your list from your phone!

Customer Service

Let’s face it though, sometimes you need help on a new platform. Maybe you haven’t done email marketing before, or you need to send an email to some of your employees but not all. You can reach live chat support, or call in phone support any day of the week and AWeber is there to help you. The friendly staff are a pleasure to work with and they understand you don’t need to be a developer to send email.

Aweber Autoresponder Emails

One of the biggest advantages of an email platform like AWeber is creating Autoresponder sequences.


Build yourself a sequence of emails to be sent on any schedule. Many people run a 7 day sequence, so when a new user subscribes to your list, an email is sent daily until the sequence runs dry.

These emails take your business to the next level and easily convert potential customers into paying customers.

When you combine custom autoresponder sequences with segmented lists, you can really make relationships with your readers. And of course AWeber offers the best in tracking, stats and analytics for your campaigns.

Pros & Cons of AWeber

While many of the features can be used as Pros for the AWeber platform, no business is without

it’s cons. It’s hard to come up with ​any​ cons of Aweber but in the interests of balance we will try.

On the plus side, we love the marketing automation tools from AWeber. It’s easy to build a campaign, like it is in most tools. Not only that, they offer phone support and their staff can walk you through account setup in minutes. Sometimes you just need someone to guide you.

So what about cons, does AWeber have any cons? Well there are a few cheaper alternatives out there. MailChimp is an example for sure, GetResponse comes in a little cheaper, and we compare these tools below.

Not only from a cost perspective, but from a subscriber count one, we think 500 subscriber limits for the basic package is a bit low. Many other tools are offering unlimited email sending to lists of 1000 subscribers for equal or lesser monthly costs. It’s tough to call it a con, because you really do get more value for the cost, and people starting out might have people trickling in 2-3 users at a time, so 500 should be plenty for most beginners. Still, it would be nice to see this bumped up to 1000. Maybe we’re just being greedy.

AWeber alternatives

Competition is ​heating up​ in the email marketing space. New entrants, price wars, marketing technology mean that even the industry veterans need to stay sharp to retain customers. Here are just some of the competitors and alternatives to AWeber:

  • Drip
  • ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • Sendlane
  • Constant Contact
  • MailerLite
  • ClickFunnels
  • MailPoet
  • Sendgrid
  • Sendinblue
  • Zoho

Aweber vs MailChimp

AWeber gives a fantastic welcoming introduction, explaining the basics of account setup and creating your first welcome email to send to new users. Basic, simple and to the point. The interface is clean and easy to use and the analytics are top notch.

How does this compare with MailChimp?

One interesting thing about MailChimp is the free account option. It’s a bit restrictive, but MailChimp is one of the few companies that you can start sending emails for free on. That’s big. MailChimp also offers a strong, clean interface which is intuitive to use.

It’s easy to create templates in MailChimp with drag and drop, or choose from a default template. AWeber also lets you build drag + drop emails, emails from templates or plain text emails so they are more or less the same in this regard.

Both tools are great for campaign building, automation and ease of use so it comes down to pricing. Which is better: AWeber or MailChimp?

AWeber pricing is simple, at $19/mo for unlimitted emails and lists up to 500 subscribers. MailChimp does offer the free account, but that limits you to sending emails from domain – not your own. While you can add this for $99/year, you are still sort of limited on the “free” account, for example you’d have to show a MailChimp footer on all your emails. Sort of distracting from your brand’s message, but some users might be OK with this.

MailChimp does offer great pricing at $10/mo for up to 500 users. Do they offer superior value to AWeber in that regard? Both are certainly worth a look, we prefer AWeber due to their ease of use for campaign building and their excellent templates. However MailChimp is a strong competitor, especially at the low subscriber end.

AWeber vs GetResponse

AWeber vs GetResponse is another comparison worth mentioning. How does GetResponse stack up against AWeber in the battle for best email marketing tools?

GetResponse offers a pretty good package starting at $15/mo for lists up to 1000 subscribers. Of course they offer Autoresponders and Basic Landing Pages and Tags, but you start to notice how premium users (Pro from $49/mo) are given far more features.

We like that AWeber doesn’t restrict ‘premium’ features from the lower paying users, so even with their $19/mo pricing being slightly more money, we feel you get more value from AWeber.

AWber Pricing & Free Trial

As mentioned, pricing for AWeber starts at only $19/mo and you can easily get started with a 30-day Free Trial. You get access to every feature from day one including their Image Hosting, Stock Image Library, 700+ email templates, Sign-Up Forms and so much more. AWeber really does offer incredible value for lists of any size and this is the reason they have been around so long.


Email marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. We feel like AWeber offers the best value for new users, and it’s easy to integrate into your website. Add signup forms with ease, create automated campaigns, and get the most value out of your existing users.

Not only that, but with the power of email marketing it becomes a lot more practical to jump into the world of pay-per-click. Create a landing page offer, sign up to Bing Ads and drive traffic and sign ups almost immediately. For a few dollars you can get targeted subscribers today.

We think out of the 3, AWeber is the one you should pick. What about you?


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