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Amazon PPC Campaigns: Manual vs Automatic

Last Updated on May 8, 2021 by Jay Clover

IMO PPC is essential to launch a new product. Like I said before, our goal on our first order is not necessary to make a huge profit, but to generate enough sales velocity that will increase our rankings.

And of course, PPC is a great method to bring attention to our product!

Here you can see that the first 3 results for Garlic Press as Sponsored / PPC results. This means these results are given to the person places the highest bid through Amazon’s PPC / Promotion platform.

Auto PPC Campaign

If you have no experience with PPC you can just turn on the automatic PPC campaign. Set the default bid to $1 and let it run for 2 weeks. Amazon will automatically build a PPC campaign for you based on the keywords you have entered in your listing.

After 2 weeks you can analyse your campaign; remove non-converting keywords and increase the bid on well-performing keywords.

Manual PPC Campaign

If you already have experience with PPC you can right away start with a manual PPC campaign. Input the keywords you have gathered, let it run for a couple of weeks, analyze & adjust!

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I've been an online seller since 2013. Over these passed 8 years I have tried just about every method to make money online. Currently I am an Amazon FBA seller & Blogger.

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