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Amazon Early Reviewer Program

Last Updated on April 28, 2021 by Jay Clover

Enroll in Early Reviewer Program

Getting your first reviews is probably the hardest task when launching your first product. Lucky for us Amazon created a special program for us to get our first reviews: The Early Reviewer Program.

It costs $60 to enroll. For this budget Amazon will incentivize your customers to leave a review, up until your first 6 reviews. They will send them an e-mail offering them a small gift card ($1-$3) if they leave a review.

You already need sales for this to work! This is not a magic button that will instantly get you 6 reviews. This will only work if you are getting sales yourself, which we do in our other steps.

Trademark Required

To use this function, you need to have an approved trademark. The process of approving a trademark can take a couple of months. Therefore I would highly advise you to directly start with applying for a trademark.

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