AliShark Dropshipping Tool Review

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Dropshipping has, undoubtedly, become one of the most common types of digital businesses. It’s because you don’t have to bother with actually buying the products you sell. Instead, you re-sell someone else’s products and earn money for that, depending on the difference between the original and your price.

But, dropshipping isn’t easy at all as you have to plan your marketing strategy carefully, explore the demand of the products you want to sell or identify the best-sold products on the market, and similar. While creating your marketing strategy is pretty straightforward as social media and Google ads are most used for this (and you can follow the plan), the market exploring is much more complex.

If you want to succeed in your business and offer products people want to buy, you need a hell of a dropshipping tool. It has to:

  • retrieve data to validate products per niche
  • provide reliable data from different sources
  • have regular updates and awesome customer support

For dropshippers who work with AliExpress, AliShark may be the best dropshipping tool.

What is AliShark?

AliShark is a real shark among dropshipping tools, tearing apart its competitors. It’s a great tool for all those searching for products on AliExpress or Banggood. Actually, it’s perfect for those with not much time who want to quickly find products based on certain criteria or find products to sell based on their performance. All of this and much more is possible with AliShark due to its incredible features and countless filter options for product research.


I believe features are what differentiates one product from another, regardless of the type of product. The same is with dropshipping tools. Their features are what makes them bad, good, or amazing. Moreover, you can evaluate the tool based on its characteristics.

So, why is AliShark so special? Why dropshippers prefer it over the other dropshipping tools?

Simply said, it’s because of the fantastic features this product offers to its users, including:

Live Results Throughout the Day

Alishark’s servers update the daily order of products on every hour. In that way, they provide users with information on which product is being sold at every moment. Hence, you can decide which products you want to sell based on this data.

Detailed Product Insights

Using AliShark, you will learn everything you need to know about the products you want to sell with a single click. It’s because when you click on the product, there’s a detailed data on it, including:

  • reviews
  • price
  • number of orders
  • is it dropshipped
  • does it features a video on the AliExpress page
  • a quick view of sales
  • sales history
  • tops countries where it’s sold
  • top dropshippers and stores that sell the product, etc.

Product Performance

Among the detailed data mentioned above, you’ll also find information on the product’s sale in the past 2-6 months. This allows you to predict the buying trends and when to run ads on that product.

Top Countries and Dropshippers

You can uncover the best markets to sell your products thanks to this incredible tool. In that way, it directly shows your target audience, which is one of the essential features of ads. Knowing the dropshippers that sell those products will help you easily identify your competitors, find their stores, and run an analysis of their business (will mention more in the following paragraph).

Matching Pages

With AliShark you can also see who else is selling the product(s) you want to sell. That includes all online stores. This feature is very important as it allows you to do a competitor’s analysis and find out about their prices, ads, and layouts. When you know your competitors’ sites, you can also run a keyword research analysis to learn about the keywords that help them be seen in the digital world.

Advanced Filters

AliShark will surprise you with lots of filters. Using these filters shortens your time for finding the right product(s) to sell. In fact, based on your filter options, you can even find hidden gems that still haven’t seen their light on the market. And, you know the rule, if the competition is low, the chances of selling your product are high. Some of the filters included are Niches, Categories, Countries, Price, Reviews, etc. We’ll talk about them more in the next part.

More Advanced Filters

Can you believe it? There are even more advanced filters than the ones already mentioned. Is that even possible?

For AliShark, it turns out to be possible. Some of the extra advanced features are: if a product has a video and is it dropshipped. The first of these filters is perfect for dropshippers who want to sell products that have a video as they usually are better sold than those with only images. Plus, you can use the video in your ads for better visibility. The second filter, on the other hand, shows you if it’s dropshipped or not. Hence, can you see if they are selling out and in which quantity.

Save Products

You can save the products you like for later browsing if you don’t have time at that moment. In order to do this, you just have to click the heart on the product page. You can find all the saved products in the “Saved” tab.


If you aren’t sure or haven’t decided upon your niche, AliShark will help you find it very easily. It’s because it provides you with an updated list of niches where you can find the winning products. In this way, you’ll be sure you’ve found a niche for your dropshipping business and will know in which direction to continue.

Search Products

And, of course, what would a great dropshipping tool be without a search option. With AliShark, you can easily search for specific products by their name or AliExpress URL.

New Features

Apart from all previously mentioned features, AliShark has two new features:

Growth Rate – This feature allows you to find products based on their growth rate. It measures the speed of their sales, thus allowing you to identify potential best-selling products before your competitors.

Banggood – This feature provides you with information from Banggood. This marketplace features high-priced products, so if you are interested in selling such products, you can search for them using AliShark.

Video Generator Tool

This tool allows you to create your own video ads from a specific product on AliEpxress, AliShark, or images you’ve uploaded. Then, you can choose from the numerous option for customizing the video. Once you’ve set up all customizing options, you just need to press the “Generate Video” button and the tool will create a video for you.

Filter Options

We have mentioned previously that there are countless filter options for product research. Now, we’ll look at each of them briefly to give you a better insight into these “helpers”.

You can filter products by:

  • Sources – In the past, AliShark showed products only from AliExpress but recently it included Banggood. Hence, you can choose from which marketplace you want to sell products.
  • Categories – This is basically the product category, like Women’s Clothing, Kid’s Toys, Accessories, etc.
  • Niches – This filter allows you to find products based on your niche. For instance, Baking, Skin Care, Supplements, or similar.
  • Top countries – This is the filter that allows you to search for products by specific countries. Depending on the country you select, it will show you the products that are best sold in those countries. It’s great for people who want to sell products in a specific market.
  • Shipping – WIth this filter, you can find only the products that are shipped with ePacket or the Aliexpress Standard shipping method.
  • The country where the product is shipped from – This option allows you to search for products based on the ship-out location. It’s useful when you want to see which products are shipped from China or other countries.
  • Price – With this filter, you can set the price range of products, so you see only those withing that range.
  • Total orders number – Here, you filter products based on their number of orders. This filter option is very useful for finding products that aren’t too often dropshipped. By choosing products with less number of orders, you will have fewer competitors. And, having less competition means higher chances of selling your products.
  • Period orders – This one’s similar to the previous. But, here you filter products by the number of orders in a specific period.
  • Daily orders – With this option, you can search for products based on the number of daily orders. It’s great for those who don’t want to sell products that already have a lot of orders in that day.
  • Votes – This filter refers to the users’ reviews of a product on AliExpress. It’s one of the essential filters as it shows you which products, from the supplier you’ve chosen, are best or worst ranked by those who have already bought them.
  • Wishlist – This filter option shows products based on the number of people who added them on their wishlist. Knowing this information suggests those people like the product and plan to buy it in the future.
  • When the product was added to AliShark – With this filter, you can see the products that have been added to the platform earlier or later. This option gives you the chance to find untouched products, so you can be the one selling them.
  • Video – This advanced filter allows you to see only products that have a video on their AliExpress page.
  • If the product is dropshipped – Here’s another advanced filter, which shows you if a product has been purchased by the same person, who is most probably a dropshipper.
  • Accepts PayPal – With this option, you can see which products accept PayPal as a payment method if you want to pay with that card.
  • Saved only – As its name suggests, this filter shows you only the products you have saved previously.
  • Time – To access this filter, you need to press the small calendar at the right top. Here, you can choose the period of time it will show for all previous filters.
  • Sort by “options” – This option sorts products by orders, growth, wishlist, and price. It comes handy when you have applied all filters you wanted and you want to sort the results according to one of these options.
  • Keywords – Keywords are very useful when you want to search for products based on a specific word. For instance, if you want to sell dog collars, you simply type “dog collar”. The best thing here is that you can fill in as many keywords as you want. Also, you can exclude certain keywords.
  • AliShark random button – Here’s the last filter option of AliShark. When you press on the button, you get products of a random category. The category changes every time you click on it.

As you can see, AliShark really has countless filter options. Using them helps you find products to sell more quickly. What’s great about them is that you can use all of them at once if you want. In that way, you will find the products that truly match your preferences.

Product Information

Once you find products based on the filters, you’ll see there’s some information on each of them. So, which data can you find on the product’s page?

  • Video – If the product has a video on their Aliexpress page.
  • Save for later – It’s the button you press if you want to save a product for later browsing.
  • Basic product information – Some of the data shown at the top include price, reviews, votes, orders, tags, and a few other information. However, you have to keep in mind that this information is from the AliExpress supplier you’ve chosen. There may be other suppliers selling the same products with different information (numbers) included.
  • Date – Information about the date and time when the product was added to AliShark.
  • “Show on AliExpress” button – This button takes you to the product page of the supplier you’ve chosen.
  • “Generate video” button – This button takes you to the video generator tool.
  • “Add to your Shopify” button – This button adds the product to your Shopify store. This option is very useful as it makes creating your store a lot easier.
  • “Show more like this” button – This button shows you other products that look like the product you are viewing.
  • Quick view – This graph shows you the number of orders the product had today, yesterday and other periods of time.
  • Product performance – This feature shows you the number of orders per each day.
  • All-time sales data – In this graph, you can see the number of orders the product got every month. Also, you can use it to see the number of times the product has been added to a wishlist.
  • Top countries and top dropshippers – This data shows you where the product has been most sold. It also shows the top dropshippers and there they are from.


If we take into consideration all the features and filter options AliShark comes with, the price is incomparable. You’ll spend only $20/month for all the incredible features of this dropshipping tool. Plus, you get 24/7 live chat support with 1-2 hours of issue solving time if the support team is offline.

Isn’t that too good to be true? Well, it turns out to be true.

However, if you don’t want to pay a full monthly subscription and would like to try out the tool instead, AliShark offers a trial period. They offer a 2-day trial for only $1. And, if you don’t like what you see, you can cancel your trial at any time.

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