AliDropship vs Oberlo

AliDropship vs Oberlo – Which is better for Dropshipping?

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The Dropshipping business is a direct result of the fast pacing revolution in the market of ecommerce. Its model enabled anyone to start a global business with as little as $1000 and scale it to thousands of dollars every month.

Currently, more than 3.5 billion people surf the internet daily, and this proves there are no limitations. Tools such as Alidropship and Oberlo improves online e-commerce. Both of them are excellent tools and provide maximum performance without spending much. 

Both AliDropship and Oberlo are not complete e-commerce platform; instead, they are an extension that can integrate with your site platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, and WooCommere.

AliDropship works in WordPress and WooCommerse, while Oberlo is explicitly designed for Shopify. What does it mean to your business? It means you have to choose one of these extensions, and it will determine the platform intended for your business.

Here, I’ll compare compare AliDropship vs. Oberlo, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of both and many other features included in both tools. And in the end, you should probably know the right tool, for starters.

Alidropship Vs Oberlo


Alidropship Oberlo
Cost $89 Lifetime $29 Monthly
(Shopify Subscription)
# Products Unlimited Unlimited
# Order Unlimited Unlimited
Supported Platforms
  • Shopify
  • Woocommerce
  • Shopify
1-Click Add Yes Yes
Place orders automatically Yes No
Pricing Automation Yes Yes
Review Importer Yes No
Email List Yes Yes
Abandoned Cart Reminder Yes Yes
Bulk Editing No Yes
Free Trial? No Yes, 14-days!


AliDropship is an IT company that helps you with effective automated solutions that provide you access to everything available on AliExpress in a systematic way. This results in running a perfect and profitable dropshipping business.

alidroship vs oberlo

The AliDropship Plug-in a WordPress based plugin that integrates with your e-commerce store at a touch. This automated plugin, with the help of its add-on features, makes it easy for you to start and successfully run a dropshipping business with AliExpress. It will save a lot of time for you to focus on other essential things for your business. AliDropship Plug-in is also available for the WooCommerce.

What is Oberlo

Pretty similar to the AliDropship, Oberlo is a trendy application made for the Shopify e-commerce platform. It allows you to easily import products from AliExpress to Shopify store by semi-automating the placing of orders.

alidroship vs oberlo

Its an essential link between your Shopify store and Aliexpress. The plug-in also allows you to quickly find the best-selling product through its catalogue for your online store.

Oberlo was one of the first plug-in to hit the market. However, nowadays, there are many similar apps available with pretty similar features. It is, therefore, necessary to host your store at Shopify to be able to install and use Oberlo because it only works on this platform.

Some Statics of WooCommerse & Shopify

E-commerce is booming, and this is the primary reason, companies like WordPress and WooCommerce investing extensively in these platforms. In the last five years, E-commerce sites represent 45.4% of all websites. This means an increase in online shopping and therefore, sales!

alidroship vs oberlo

Woocommerse doesn’t work independently and requires WordPress to work. This is some of the disadvantages, which led to the formation of AliDropship.

Unlike WooCommerse, Shopify is a full-fledged platform which is one of the reasons behind its increasing popularity in the dropshipping market. It allows you to set-up an online store, even when you are not planing for dropshipping. However, Shopify is not free but handles everything necessary for your site, from hosting to data analysis.


Product Sourcing:

AliDropship and Oberlo both provide easy search and import of products, directly from Aliexpress. They also help in importing them into your online store with a single click. Thanks to their user-friendly browser extension, you can also edit the descriptions, names and edit the images if necessary.

alidroship vs oberlo

Easy Inventory Administration

When it comes to drop-shipping, the need for inventory management is nominal bu essential. Both of them provide simplistic inventory management by automating the availability of products.

alidroship vs oberlo

Sales Tracking

With both AliDropship vs Oberlo, you get complete access to their full-fledged dashboard which enable you to see in real-time the current state of your shop. In addition, it also shows the benefits in detail. 

From the dashboard, you can see the order no, shipping date, and product delivery date. Also, you will have access to metrics on the number of visits and other relevant data from a single dashboard. 

alidroship vs oberlo


Automatic Pricing feature in both the plug-in enable you to import a lot of product at the same time. It lets you easily define rules during import, and you can also apply x3 on all prices of imported products. However, I would not recommend using this feature to reflect on their values manually.

alidroship vs oberlo

Automatic Order Fulfillment

Automatic Order Fulfillment saves a lot of time while placing orders. For using this feature, you just need to click on a button and then manually confirm the information on Aliexpress. This makes the whole process automated, and without your any help, your customer can make and receive their order. This applies to Oberlo as well, but the same goes for AliDropship.

alidroship vs oberlo

AliDropship And Oberlo Differences


Since its inception, e-commerce is booming, and this creates the necessity to keep your store as different as possible from its competitors. WooCommerce and AliDropship both provide access to thousands of free themes which you can customize to your preference. 

Oberlo works with Shopify themes. One thing I would like to share is to not fall into the trap of selling themes like “ultra optimized for conversion”. These themes, display conversion rates which defy all the logic. Every time, you are looking for a good theme, I would advise you to always select them from ThemeForest. It provides themes which are mostly affordable and of exceptional quality.


When comes to pricing, AliDropship some significant advantages over Oberlo. It provides unlimited access to the quantity of product you can import to your store from AliExpress. From a single purchase, you can import and sell any kind and number of the product.

On the other hand, Oberlo provides access to a limited number of the product you can sell every month. Their basic plan permits you to import 500 products and sell around 50 products per month. While their premium plan allows you to order 10,000 and 30,000 products.

The significant difference here is that, in the long run, AliDrop ship proves to be much cheaper than Oberlo, which charges on a monthly billing basis.

With Oberlo, you have to also pay for Shopify subscription, which costs you an extra $29 per month, or $348 a year, not counting other expenses.

AliDropship, with a single time $89 charge, provides you with all the feature updates and lifetime support with AliDropship, without any hidden fees.

Aliexpress Cashbacks

If you have ever ordered products from Aliexpress, you probably know about their cashback scheme. AliDropship allows customers to recover a few percentages from their online purchases from Aliexpress. You can also provide AliExpress cashback to your customer without installing an additional plugin.


AliDropship is made very user-friendly with all the requirements needed for running a successful dropshipping business. Through add-on features, they offer following marketing features.

Discount Coupons – This feature allows you to create different sales and promotional discount coupons for your product.   

Abandoned cart – This feature sends emails to customers who have not completed their order thus recovering a part of the abandoned baskets 

Product Reviews – You can encourage your customers to review your product so that potential buyer has a clear idea of what they are buying.

When it comes to Oberlo and Shopify, you will need to install different plugins for accessing these feature which are very often paid.

alidroship vs oberlo

Setting Up:

One of the main problems with AliDropship is its complicated architecture. Even with the WordPress, you need some technical skills to set up a store. Its not that complicated, however, for people with low experience can face some technical challenges. 

On the other hand, Shopify provides a user-friendly and straightforward way to set up your store. This is one of the primary reasons, beginners selecting Shopify over AliDropship.


When it comes to safety, I believe Shopify provides full access to your store. It has a direct consequence of strengthening your store security and protection against vulnerabilities. However, both AliDropship and Oberlo are incredibly secure.


As I mentioned earlier, Shopify controls all the stores on its platform. This means that in the event of some mishap your store can be inaccessible. Moreover, Shopify also has the right to close you store if they found your store does not comply with the general conditions of use.

alidroship vs oberlo

However, with WordPress, you dont have all these problems. Apart from hosting, you have all the rights of your shop. It means that if host closes your store anyhow, you can easily host your site somewhere else and start selling. 

Alidropship vs Oberlo Which Is Better?

Both AliDropship and Oberlo are the best-known solution when it comes to dropshipping. For selecting between them, you have to consider different criteria which are more or less essential for you. If you are a beginner I recommend you to go with Shopify because its very easy to use. You can quickly set up your shop and start selling.

However, if you have some experience with the world of e-commerce and want total right for your shop, Alidropship is for you. Definetly its cost is a set-back, but in the long term it definetly worth it. In addition, it also allows you to do SEO, which is a real must. 

Oberlo vs AliDropship

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