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5 Best FBA Product Research Tools

Last Updated on November 30, 2021 by Jay Clover

Amazon won’t tell you directly how many sales a product is doing per month. However, it will show you the Best Seller Rank (BSR) of a product. The Best Seller Rank is a ranking showing you the best selling product per category. So #50 Best Seller Rank in Kitchen means the product is the 50th best selling product in the Kitchen category.

Best Seller Rank (BSR)

Please keep in mind that this BSR is per category and each category greatly varies. For example, a product with #4,000 BSR in the Kitchen category can have more sales than a #1,000 BSR in Music Instruments. Just because the Kitchen category is way more popular.

Sales Estimate Tools

There is a huge range of products who have loads of data points and use the BSR to estimate sales.

How does this work?

They know a seller with BSR #1,000 sells for 8,000 units a month & a seller with BSR #3,000 in the same category sells for 4,000 units a month. Based on this info they can estimate that you have a #3,000 BSR product that you will sell around 6,000 units per month.

There is a lot of more stuff behind it. And most of these tools have a couple of data scientists making fancy algorithms for exactly this. But that’s the basics of it.

Which Tool to Choose?

Like I said you have loads of these tools, so plenty of options. Jungle Scout is probably the most well-known sales estimate tool as they have been around the longest and are the most accurate. However, I will still list as many alternatives below so you can make your own decision on which tool to use:




Jungle Scout


$29 monthly (Lite Version)
$39 monthly (Pro Version)

Helium 10


$17 monthly

Viral Launch


$49 monthly.

But you get Chrome Extension + Webapp)

Amz Scout


$44,99 monthly, or
$149 per year, or
$399 lifetime.



$97 lifetime (Standard Version)

$97 lifetime (Pro Version)

This is how one of these tools look like:

When you are browsing on Amazon you can pull up the tool and it will show you the estimated Monthly & Daily Sales for the products on the page. It will also show you Monthly Revenue and other useful stats. Based on this information you can analyse if there is a lot of demand for a niche.

Minimum Sales Requirement?

Now that we know how to check the sales in a niche, we can set some requirements for the minimum amount of sales & revenue we are looking for in a niche.

This all depends on your personal goals in FBA, but here is my rule of thumb:

I like to make at least $1,000 monthly profit for each new product I am planning to sell on Amazon. With an average 30% profit margin, this means I would have to look for products with at least $3,000 revenue per month.

Look at the entire niche, not just 1 product!

This is a mistake many beginners make. They see 1 product with loads of sales and barely any reviews. And they think they found a great niche. Big mistake! You always need to look at the entire niche.

I personally like to look at the Top 10 & the entire first page when I am determining if there is enough demand for a product.

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I've been an online seller since 2013. Over these passed 8 years I have tried just about every method to make money online. Currently I am an Amazon FBA seller & Blogger.

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