Jungle Scout Alternatives

4 Jungle Scout Alternatives: Free & Paid

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Jungle Scout is an amazing tool. However, it is also good to look at other options as well. So for that reason I have listed the 4 best Jungle Scout Alternatives in this article!

  1. Helium 10
  2. Viral Launch
  3. AMZScout
  4. Unicorn Smasher (Free)

Jungle scout alternatives

Alternative 1: Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Alternatives

Helium 10 vs. Jungle Scout has been an immense ire between the amazon retailers for a former period. To know which one is the finest. I’m going to equate both the Chrome Extension and Web App of each retailer tool so we can actually see what the variances are and where each merchandise comes in sturdier/ scrawnier than the other.

Chrome Extension: Jungle Scout vs Helium 10
The Chrome Extensions of in cooperation of these goods have been premeditated to support you to authenticate probable merchandise prospects.

Helium 10 has five Chrome Extension tools:
• X-Ray
• ASIN Grabber
• Profitability Calculator
• Inventory Levels
• Review Downloader

Now the purposes of both Chrome Extensions are rather analogous, and together goods have the equivalent goal. Nevertheless, from what I can see on my particular products: Jungle Scout is more precise. While penetrating online for authentication of this from other operators’ knowledge, others contend that Jungle Scout is more precise so I guess it hangs on the merchandise you’re searching for or the stint of your exploration.

Web App: Jungle Scout vs Helium 10

The web apps in cooperation of these goods make probing for the flawless goods much faster and laid-back than just probing through Amazon by hand. Helium 10 comprises more tools on the web app than Jungle Scout and as a consequence, seems more unapproachable at the initial glimpse. If you’re an experienced retailer on Amazon, Helium 10 might be the usual evolution from Jungle Scout if you’re not good enough to boost your sales up to the subsequent level.

Price Difference

Cost: Helium 10 essentially offers a free version to permit operators to try out the purposes before determining whether or not they want to elevate to have additional admittance. Nevertheless, if you wish to take complete benefit of all of their tools, it grows pretty exclusive.

Cost: Jungle Scout offer 14-day money back assurance even though I do feel that they are theoretically missing out on clienteles by not offering a comparable free sampler like Helium 10.

Helium 10 Pro’s

  • Free version available.
  • Wide range of tools ( They are pretty much a all-in-one solution for Amazon Sellers ).
  • Very accurate product research tool.

Helium 10 Con’s

  • Very expensive.

Alternative 2: Viral Launch vs Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Alternatives

Viral Launch and Jungle Scout fascinate the equivalent type of operators. They are both Amazon exploration services offering improved merchandise detection, keyword exploration, opponent intellect, plus merchandise tracking proficiencies. They both come with abundant filter variables to category through their extensive merchandise catalogs. Viral Launch encompasses to 10 Amazon marketplaces, and Jungle Scout provisions 9.

At opening, Viral Launch appears to be expensive than Jungle Scout. But, after more rapid inspection, it cracks out that the former delivers more Amazon exploration functionalities than the concluding. It’s also worth remarking that while Jungle Scout propositions its chrome extension distinctly, Viral Launch has combined its extension with the usual correspondences.

Cost: Viral Launch offers free trials on some of their tools after setting up Viral Launch account, but they do nor offer a duration trial.

Cost: Jungle Scout offers a 14-day money back assurance

Alternative 3: AMZScout vs Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Alternatives

AMZScout and Jungle Scout are amongst the finest software for merchandise searching. Many individuals find it hard indicating between AMZScout vs Jungle Scout. Well, if you have been undergoing this delinquent then burden no more. Jungle Scout is well thought-out as an improved selection equated to AMZScout.

It has established over a month of Sundays to be the finest tool you can encircle. Jungle scout has acknowledged interminable optimistic reviews. There are many clienteles who have profited from this software. The tool propositions you with a delightful display place to demeanor exploration on the Amazon.

On the other hand, AMZScout also has its own distinctive advantages including its ability to provide user access to save information about there competitors and their product offerings, enabling you to keep watch on your product niche to ensure that it remains viable over time.

Cost: AMZScout offer the basic version of Amazeowl for completely free. However, for accessing advanced features of the software, you have to buy one of their premium plans.

Alternative 4: UnicornSmasher vs Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Alternatives

The only competitive benefit Unicorn Smasher grants in contradiction of Jungle scout is that it is free to download and install extension. It is worthwhile for every person prospecting for a efficacious corporate to go for jungle scout, notwithstanding of its high charge and subscriptions fee. Unicorn smasher purposes the same way as the Jungle scout, but the concluding has additional progressive features for a supplementary operative and competent output.

Jungle Scout is an improved Unicorn Smasher substitute. Unicorn smasher’s approximations are not precise and as effectual as those of Jungle scout because they not entirely figured. Speediness of data fetching during clarifying is much quicker in Jungle Scout.

Jungle scout relics the improved choice of the users because it grants a lot more assistance as equated to unicorn smashers, which are registered here: safekeeping in allocation sentiments since the extension permits sharing of conclusions, superior filters that save time as one does not have to go through the entire content self-propelled merchandise monitoring, finding niche quicker and exportation of information. Let’s put it basically, Jungle Scout is the highest Amazon merchandise exploration tool & is a higher Unicorn Smasher substitute.

Cost: Free alternative to Jungle Scout.


We acclaim this sequencer to both existing and ambitious Amazon retailers who want to enhance or commence their business retailing on Amazon. This Amazon merchandise spotter and exploration tool makes it easier to find goods that will retail. You get an affluence of statistics to custom to regulate what is working for you and what is not. It takes the presumption out of preferring the finest goods for your stockpile. Now, this was my opinion on the several matters about the Jungle Scout software and its substitutes. I think this much of knowledge about the related tools is enough for you to choose the best tool for your retailing.

Jungle Scout Alternatives

Check out the comparison tables for these Jungle Scout alternatives:

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