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3rd Party Inspection for your Alibaba Order

Last Updated on April 25, 2021 by Jay Clover

We highly recommend to plan an inspection before you pay the remaining balance and while the goods are still in the factory!

People make the mistake a lot that they think they can just inspect the goods themselves if they ship it to their house first, and then to the Amazon warehouse. What are you going to do when you find out there is something wrong with your products? Are you going to ship everything back to China and hope your supplier will give you a refund? (Hint: They won’t).

We will do an inspection by hiring a 3rd party inspection company who will visit the factory & send us a full inspection report. The inspector will take a look at all of the following things:

  • Factory working conditions.

  • Product defect rate out of a sample size.

  • Packaging quality.

  • Product weight & dimensions

  • Carton weight & dimensions.

Summary of defect list:

We recommend to use QIMA, as they have always done a perfect job for us.

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